What Your Birth Order Can Reveal About Your Personality

The debate for nature vs. nurture has been going on for a long time, and now experts have been weighing in a new factor – the birth date. Apparently, our birth date can influence our personal relationships, beliefs, values and the way you take care of yourself. Many of us won’t fit different personality types as many people believe the personality is complex, but some key traits can surely determine your place among the siblings.

Here’s what your birth order reveals about your personality:

First born children

First born children are considered as dominant. New parents give everything they can to their first children as it is a big change in their life. Parents usually invest a lot of time in their first child and are more enthusiastic. First born children are more dominant in groups as they carry everything they learned to adulthood. They are more responsible than those born later, which makes them more independent.

Middle children

The children that come later are usually more neglected. They are often ignored as the parents are preoccupied with their first children, leaving the middle children on their own. Middle born children are independent and a voice of meditation, which stems from settling fights between family members. They are more likely to go through a rebellious phase in their teenage years which is merely an effort to get attention and usually goes away by adulthood.

Youngest children

Unsurprisingly, the youngest children are the least responsible. They always stay a “baby” in the family, but get more privileges than their siblings as well. Youngest children go through their own way and find it difficult to leave home in adulthood. They are also generally more frustrated as they don’t feel like their opinion is valued. This makes them feel unimportant and may cause them to succeed at work as they are always trying to prove themselves.

Only children

These children are a combination of the 3 previous types. However, only children are also more mature as they spend their whole life with adults instead of other children. They are never excluded from grown up talk and are usually more rational and logical. They are pretty independent and can live on their own without depending on their parents. However, as they have no siblings around them, they might become socially awkward.

Are you a first born, middle child or the “baby” in your family? Do these personality types fit you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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