WARNING: Here’s What Happens When You Park Your Car in Scorching Heat!

Cars are the most widely used means of transport nowadays. Millions of people drive whenever they need to go every moment, and most of them park wherever there’s space left, preferably in shade. However, sometimes we just have to leave the car under the sun, which can be extremely dangerous for our health. Today we’re going to show you why you should never park your car under the sun.

When you leave your car under the sun, it accumulates a large amount of heat inside, and things turn to worse when we enter and turn the air conditioning on. The increased temperature in the car allows plastic parts, seats and the AC in the car to release benzene, a toxic chemical which can have serious consequences on our health. Benzene is a cancer-causing toxin that can poison our liver, kidney and bones. In order to release the trapped benzene, you need to open the windows whenever you’re getting back into your car and air it out for a while before turning the AC on.

If you don’t believe us, just read your car manual. All car manuals say that you need to open the windows before turning the AC on, although for other reasons than protecting our health. When you turn the air conditioning on after leaving your car for hours under the scorching heat, the fan circulates the accumulated benzene inside the car, which you can feel through the familiar smell of plastic. Benzene is a slow, but effective poison which has been related to leukemia, bone problems, anemia, white blood cell reduction and miscarriage.

So, in order to protect your health from dangerous diseases, we suggest airing your car for a while before turning the AC on. Leave the windows open for a few minutes so benzene can dissolve in the air and you aren’t exposed to its toxic fumes. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

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