Very Few People Pay Attention To It, But The Color Of Your Ear Wax Can Be Of Great Help For Avoiding Diseases! Here’s What it Means…

Did you know that the color of your ear wax can reveal a lot about your health? This sticky substance is essential for your ears – it protects them from damage and germs and isn’t harmful as many people think. A problem may occur if you leave your ears uncleaned for a longer period, which will let the wax accumulate and cause problems. However, if you clean your ears regularly, you should be fine.

When cleaning the ears, no one pays attention to the color of their ear wax, but as it can say a lot about our health, you should learn what it means. Continue reading below to what the color of your ear wax says about your health.

The ear wax is a combination of alcohol, squalene and long-chain fatty acids. It should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth or cotton buds. The wax can have a different color which indicates the state of your health. Here’s what the colors mean:

  1. Yellow and wet

Yellow is the most common ear wax. If it’s wet, it means that the ear channel is dry and pique.

  1. Grey

Grey wax is a result of the natural cleaning process of the ear and shouldn’t concern you. However, if the texture is dry and brittle, it may be an eczema, which is why you should visit a doctor.

  1. Yellow and sticky

Everything’s normal and you shouldn’t be worried. Yellow and sticky wax is more common in children who have a bigger amount of wax in their ears, which gradually reduces over time.

  1. Dark and sticky

This type of ear wax indicates excessive sweating. The darker the color, the more likely is that the sweat will generate a bad smell. Other than that, this type of ear wax isn’t dangerous.

  1. Dark and compact

Dark and compact ear wax is usual in cases of anxiety and fatigue. Excessive sweating can also increase the production of ear wax, which may block the ear channel and cause partial deafness. In order to avoid this, clean your ears regularly.

  1. Dry, white and flaky

This type of ear wax is nothing to concern yourself with.

  1. Black or brown

Although it looks awful, this type of ear wax isn’t dangerous. The dark color is probably caused by excess ear wax production or an indication that the wax is older.

  1. Wet and runny

It’s normal for some ear wax to leak out of the ear once in a while, but if it flows out in large amounts often and contains pus or blood, it is probably a sign of perforated eardrum, so make sure to visit a doctor immediately.

  1. Bloody wax

If you see blood in your ear wax, you should visit a doctor as it might indicate serious problems.

Now that you know what the color of the ear wax means, we’re sure you’re going to pay more attention to it the next time you’re cleaning your ears.


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