Did You Know That All This Time You’ve Been Washing Your Hair Wrong? Here’s How Hou Should Do It!

Washing your hair is a pretty straightforward routine which we do without thinking. But, what if we told you that you’ve been washing your hair wrong your entire life? According to experts, washing your hair in the wrong way can cause many problems. It can lead to dryness and broken hair strands, which will eventually result in hair loss. Continue reading the article to see how to wash your hair properly.

Before applying shampoo, rinse your hair well – separating it in smaller sections will allow the shampoo to penetrate in the lower layers and be more effective. To protect the tips from dryness, apply your favorite conditioner before using the shampoo. Don’t use too much shampoo – this is a common mistake many people make, but it can damage your hair. Pour ¾ of a teaspoon of shampoo on your palms, then mix it with a bit of water before applying it on your hair. Lots of shampoo won’t be more effective – it will only dry your hair more.

Be more delicate with your hair. When you wash it, do it as smooth as you can to avoid damaging the cuticles, which can be done easily when your hair is wet. Massage the scalp with your fingertips first to improve the blood flow to the area and strengthen the roots. Distribute the shampoo evenly in your hair without rubbing – just be as smooth as you can when handling your hair.

Almost all popular commercial shampoos have a label that indicates repeating the wash for a second time, but this is more of a marketing strategy than a need. Once is enough, especially if you wash your hair every day or every couple of days. When applying a conditioner, squeeze your hair of the excess water and apply it on the tips only. The conditioner shouldn’t reach your scalp and remember – it needs to work for a couple of minutes before you rinse with water.

The final step is to rinse your hair with cold water after applying the conditioner. This will close the follicles and provide better shine and softness. If you’re wondering how often you should wash your hair, there’s not a general answer. This depends on the type of hair and your lifestyle – greasy hair should be washed every day, while normal or dry hair should be washed thrice a week. You should also mind the quality of water you’re using – if the water is hard and rich in mineral salts, your hair can become brittle. To reduce the effect, use a water filtration system.

As you can see, washing your hair isn’t as straightforward as you thought. However, by following the tips we wrote above, you can wash it properly and get the nice, long and shiny hair you deserve.


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