This Simple Trick Can Help You Wear Your High Heels Without Pain!

If you love wearing heels, but your feet hurt, you’re at the right place. There’s a simple trick which can help you wear heels without pain or cramps in the toes. If you want to wear those pretty new high heels at work, continue reading the article below

Many girls don’t like wearing heels only because of the pain and cramps in their feet afterwards. Heels are, however, an essential part of every woman’s closet and are very elegant and sexy. If you know how to combine them, you can always be classy and attractive. In order to avoid the pain that often stands in the way, you only need to wrap the 3rd and 4th toe (counting from the thumb) – this will prevent the separation of your fingers and prevent the pain and toe cramps.

This simple trick works and is really effective against the pain that occurs in the metatarsal. There’s a nerve running just between these toes – when you wear high heels, they create pressure at this point which separates the fingers. However, by taping them together you can relieve the pressure and prevent the pain. The trick will also help you prevent toe cramps and provide a better support for your feet. Try it yourself and share your results with us.

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