This Neat Trick Will Help You Tenderize Hard Cuts Of Meat!

Whenever we buy meat, we are always looking for the most tender piece. However, sometimes, the meat tends to be tough, which can be a problem. Softening it is not as easy as people think, but we’re going to show you a simple trick that will make the meat soft and tender quickly.

Once you master this incredible method, you will never have to worry about hard meat again. In order to demonstrate the method, professional chef Jack Skalfani bought a piece of hard meat. According to Skalfani, the best piece of meat is as smooth as a fillet mignon. This type of meat is pretty tender and sets the standard for all other types of meat.

The first step is to put the meat you’ve bought in a dry and clean frying pan.

Now, completely cover it with sea salt on both sides. Skalfani recommends preparing the meat according to its thickness – the thicker the piece is, the more time it will need.

The trick is in the salt – it absorbs excess moisture from the meat during the process, making the piece soft and elastic. To remove the salt in the end, just put the piece under a stream of running water and you’re done. Here are two pieces of steak presented by Skalfani – the darker one on the right is the piece treated with salt.

The final step is to marinate your piece of meat and cook it – no matter the spices you use or if you’re going to roast or fry it, the end result will be amazing.


As you can see, the method is pretty simple and provides incredible results. From now on, you will always be able to enjoy tender and soft meat!

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