These Are The 6 Things That Are Destroying Our Liver Every Day!

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. It cleans the blood of toxins and in that way keeps our body protected. However, it is subjected to a lot of damage over time, mainly due to our unhealthy habits. When the liver is damaged or stops working, we will suffer from terrible consequences.

The main things that are affecting the liver negatively is an unhealthy diet and alcohol abuse, but there are other things we do every day which are also harmful to the liver. Here are the 6 worst things we’re harming our liver with:

Processed food

Processed foods contain numerous chemicals that prolong their shelf life which are highly dangerous for our liver. These chemicals do a lot of oxidative damage to the organ which can become a serious problem over time. Consuming fatty and carb-rich foods is dangerous as well and has been linked to numerous liver problems.

Physical inactivity

The digestive process is closely linked to our liver function, which means that movement and staying physically active is key for using carbs as fuel for the body. By staying physically active, you will reduce the amount of carbs in the body and be healthier.

Excess body fat

The increasingly sedentary lifestyle nowadays and the high processed food consumption are the main reasons for obesity which has a negative impact on the liver. This can cause non-alcoholic steatosis, which can lead to liver cancer, cirrhosis and liver failure. People suffering from these diseases rarely notice the symptoms on time, which can have fatal consequences.


Analgesic such as paracetamol or acetaminophen are very harmful for the liver. We usually take these pills whenever we feel a slight headache or some other type of pain, but popping these pills often can seriously damage the liver, especially if combined with alcohol. By taking acetaminophen to relieve hangovers, we are overworking the liver and slowly damaging it. Ibuprofen works better for hangovers and won’t damage the liver.

Slimming products

Slimming products and nutritional supplements can do a lot of damage to the liver, and this also goes for the plant-based and natural ones. Hydroxycut, Lipokinetix and green tea extract can help you lose weight, but they are doing it on the expense of the liver.


Migraine pills, bipolar disorder and seizure drugs have a negative effect on our liver and overall health. Antibiotics such as carbamazepine, levofloxacin and phenytoin can harm the liver as well, especially if taken for a long period.

As you can see, it’s not just the alcohol that’s harming our liver. Many things we do every day can do a lot of damage to the liver, so make sure to avoid them and take good care of your liver.

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