The Wooden Plate And The Grandfather – A Story That Everybody Should Read !SO TOUCHING

An old man lived with his son, daughter in law and their 4-year old son on the countryside. The man’s health was falling apart due to his old age – his hands started trembling, his eyesight was getting weaker and his general wellbeing was getting worse day by day. One day at lunch, a bit of food fell on the floor and when he tried to pick it up, he spilled a cup of milk on the table. The man’s son was tired of the situation. “We have to do something about my father,” he said to his wife, and she agreed.

The couple decided to put a small dinner table in the corner of their kitchen, where the old man ate separated from the rest of the family. As he broke a couple of dishes before, they served his food in a wooden platter. From time to time, they could see the old man crying. However, they only spoke to scold him when he dropped a fork or a cup on the ground. One evening before dinner, the son noticed his 4-year old playing with pieces of wood on the floor. “What are you doing baby,” the father asked and the child replied: “I’m making a wooden dish for you and mom, so when I grow up you eat them.” The kid smiled and continued playing.

The words of the child deeply hurt his parents – they immediately realized what the kid was trying to say and started crying. Although they didn’t say anything, they knew what they needed to do. That afternoon, the child took his grandfather’s hand and led him to the family table. From that day on, the grandfather had a seat at the family table again.

The parents only seemed to bother with the old man whenever he dropped a fork, but children are far more perceptive than that. Just because they’re old, old people shouldn’t be ignored. Smart parents know how to set an example for their children, and we all need to strive towards it.


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