The More a Man Helps At Home, The Greater Is The Probability Of Divorce, According To A Study

According to a recent study developed by the Institute of Social Sciences Nova, families in which household duties are shared have a 50% bigger risk of divorce. “The more a man helps at home, the greater the risk of divorce,” Thomas Hanses, co-author of the study said. For scientists, this is no coincidence. Hansen says that modern couples usually distribute household tasks between themselves, which leads to higher divorce rates.

“In these modern couples, women who are well qualified and have high-paying jobs are less financially dependent on their husbands, so they easily deal with the divorce,” Hanses added.

Norway has a long tradition of gender equality and the education of children is shared between the parents in most cases, but when it comes to household chores, women in Norway still do most of the job.

According to the study, they do this on their own free will and feel happy, and the results showed that the happier a man is at home, the higher the divorce rate is. So, what’s your situation? Do you help at home? If you do, you may want to show this article to your wife. After all, no one wants to split, right?


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