The Importance Of The Maternal Grandmother in Childhood

Grandmothers always share a special bond with their grandchildren – the image of a maternal grandmother is very important in the life of every child for a number of reasons. Grandmothers have precious lessons to teach their children and are highly important during their developing years. They bring different values than the parents and teach their grandchildren valuable things.

Some experts claim that women are born with developed eggs that “contain” their future grandchildren, but can science confirm this link? Or is this another moral subject?

Alejandro Jodorowsky, the famous Chilean-French filmmaker, and essayist developed a theory which says that no matter the affinity or childhood memories of the maternal grandmother, the children will always be connected to her by genes. This theory, however, also considers the influence the maternal grandmother has on the child. The genetic load is transmitted from the mother to son directly to the grandmother, which is why she has the most influence on the child from grandparents. As for the genes, sometimes they skip a generation, so the children resemble the uncle or grandfather more rather than their parents.

Although not necessarily physical, grandparents do leave traces of them in their grandchildren. It can be a mole or wart or the way they walk, but it can also be noticed in the characteristics of the bones or being prone to a certain disease. Some aspects of the child have nothing to do with parenting – they are inherited through blood and the science behind the fetus. While both parents contribute to 50% of the embryo, the development continues through the nourishment of the mother later.

Traits from the maternal grandmother to the child can be transmitted through the DNA and if she participates in the development of the child. Jodorowsky says that the physical characteristics and the emotional aspects are not only inherited. The oocyte from which the child is born contains the energy load of the mother, so all children will inevitably have the same genetic material. As he explains, the emotions of the grandmother are transmitted to her pregnant daughter and to the future grandchildren as well.

The information in mitochondrial DNA that comes from the mother is greater when the embryo is formed. The sperm of the father doesn’t contain this information, so the paternal grandparents have no intervention beyond. However, some studies that examined the features of the paternal DNA suggested that they are more dominant in terms of inheritance. In most cases, the maternal grandmother engages more during pregnancy and childbirth, so the relevance of this figure is no doubt of big importance for the majority of children. The important of the maternal grandmother is valuable from different points of view for the development of the child, which is why they share a strong bond.

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