The Animal You See First Reveals Your Personality Traits

The image you see is made of several layers of pictures – take a look at it carefully and find out what animal you see first. This can reveal a lot about your personality and how your brain works. You should take into account how fast did you notice other animals, which animals you found the fastest and how many animals did you find – all of this will help identify your true personality.

Personality traits

The animal you spotted first can say a lot about you. People have known that animal choices reveal a lot about their personality for a long time, but now even science is backing up the fact. The animals that draw your attention fastest can say a lot about your personality. Here’s what they mean:

The horse

The horse is usually spotted first by independent and free-spirited people.

The bird

If you saw the bird first, you’re an outgoing and expressive person.

The crab

Seeing the crab first means that you are a happy person with a great sense of humor.

The crab and the bird

Seeing both pictures together means that you’re emotional and sensitive.

The dolphin

The dolphin is noticed first by artistic and creative people.

The ducklings

The ducklings are difficult to notice, so the people who find the first are quiet, detailed and focused.

The bear

Seeing the bear first means that you’re a natural born leader with a strong personality.

The puppy

If you saw the puppy first, you are a nurturing and kind person.

The test works because your subconscious mind determines which animal you see first. This is a great example of convergent thinking, which Psychology Today describes as the ability of your brain to limit its choices. This kind of thinking relies on instinct and preferences, which makes the first thing you see feel more natural to you. This reflects your inner desires and beliefs and your personality traits as well.

Thinking styles

In his book “Thinking Styles”, psychologist Robert Sternberg talks about how people think differently and how it affects their learning ability, work and interaction. How fast you identified the other animals and whether you identified them all reveals a lot about how you think and your mental agility as well. The animals reveal your personality traits, but the way you focus on the images reveals how you think.

For example, finding the bird and crab requires focusing on contrast and means that your brain processes information quickly. You are always finding patterns and connections easily. The image of the dolphin requires an expressive way of thinking that is attributed to the right side of the brain.

Seeing the bear requires a mind that is able to look at the big picture, while finding the horse requires deep thinkers and intuitive people.

The more animals you spot on the picture, the better your ability to think divergently. Divergent thinking means that you’re able to find more options, which offers many benefits, including resolving problems more easily.


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