The 5 Main Benefits of Doing Planks Every Day

The plank is a comprehensive exercise that can strengthen multiple muscle groups, improve your balance and posture and prevent injuries in certain body parts. The exercise is one of the best ways of toning your abs – it can boost your metabolism, help you lose weight and make you look slim and fit. However, even though it’s easy to perform, not many people rely on it for results.

Lack of time, fatigue and hectic schedules are some of the most frequently used alibies for not going to the gym or doing the plank. However, exercising isn’t just good for your body and looks – it can improve your overall health and help you overcome different ailments. Today we’re going to share 5 benefits of the plank which will strengthen your muscles and help you lose weight.

The plank will take only a few minutes of your free time every day. It’s not the easiest exercise, but it’s easier than most and great for improving your strength and health. Here are the 5 main health benefits of the plank:

  1. Better muscle definition

The plank involves several muscle groups such as the abdominal, upper and lower back muscles and buttocks. This is pretty important if you take into account that each of the muscles has a different objective and specific benefits from any kind of physical activities.

Transverse abdominals: the plank will allow you to lift more and make your abs flat.

Rectus abdominis: the plank will boost your athletic performance and help you jump more.

Obliques: the exercise will allow lateral flexibility and better hip movement.

Buttocks: the plank will allow better support for the lower back and tone that part of the body.

  1. Prevents injuries

The plank can prevent injuries and improve your mobility in all body parts. The plank is important for all the muscles and joints in the body and will help you gain more muscle mass, while reducing the pain after strenuous exercise.

  1. Can be practiced everywhere and anytime

The plank is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere – it doesn’t require any special equipment or extra space. You can do it at home, work or anywhere you have space.

  1. Improves your postures and strengthens your muscles and joints

By doing the plank regularly, you will assume a much better upright position and improve your posture. Poor posture can be a cause for different kinds of pain, but doing the plank will prevent the pain and help you walk straight.

  1. Improves your balance

The plank will improve your balance by improving your focus, balance and coordination. If you’re generally weak, it can be difficult to achieve balance, but luckily you can fix it by doing the exercise every day.

How to do the plank correctly?

To do the exercise properly, you must keep a straight back. Your legs should be joined so you can flex the abs. The bottom part of your body should remain firm and straight – make sure to hold the correct position or the exercise may cause injuries. Your abs should be squeezed during the process or you won’t succeed. The elbows must be parallel to the shoulders and form a straight line.

Beginner tips for the plank

If you’re a beginner, you can start with 10-15 seconds per plank a few times a day. Once you achieve better balance and you’re more comfortable, you can try holding the position for up to 2 minutes in 5 repetitions. However, make sure you don’t go overboard – stay in the position for as much as you can in order to prevent discomfort or pain.

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