Terminal Cancer Patient Reveals The Truth About Ensure Products!

Carrol Krause is a former Herald-Times reporter from Bloomington, Indiana that had to retire due to ovarian cancer in 2014. Before her death, Krause wrote a blog in which she described her experience with the disease and the recommended treatment.

Krauss was suffering from digestive problems a few years ago and could no longer eat normal food, so she decided to visit her doctor. Her doctor suggested Ensure products such as puddings and shakes and what appeared to be apple juice as well. After getting the products and reading the labels, Krause was shocked by what they contained!

The truth about Ensure

Although advertised as healthy, Ensure products are the farthest from healthy meals as it gets. The brand is a trademark from Abbott Nutrition, a member of Grocery Manufacturers Association and a pro-GMO organization. This company has given millions of dollars for GMO labeling in the USA. The front of the products shows an orange drink with an apple on the side, but the back label says that it “doesn’t contain apple juice” or any kind of fruit juice for that matter. The drink is made from water and sugar and contains chemicals, toxins, and pesticides as well.

Furthermore, the drink is rich in corn syrup, a liquid that raises the risk of obesity and has been linked to diabetes and cancer as well. It also contains cupric sulfate which can cause gastrointestinal problems, anemia, and can even be fatal in high doses. Chromium chloride, a toxic substance present in the Ensure juice, has negative effects on our reproductive system, while another harmful substance, sodium selenite, is a byproduct of copper metal refining, although it’s referred to as a nutrient. The juice also contains artificial flavorings which have been recognized as carcinogens.

Synthetic vitamins and cancer

There’s a huge difference between natural and synthetic vitamins. However, the “vitamins” in Ensure products contain different artificial supplements marketed as healthy when they’re carcinogenic in nature. Here’s a list of the other ingredients in the Ensure juice:

  • DI-alpha-tocopherol acetate – this is a synthetic type of vitamin E which can increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke, damage your DNA and has other adverse side-effects as well;
  • Ferrous sulfate – this compound is a synthetic form or iron which can cause constipation;
  • Manganese sulfate – a synthetic form of vitamin B3 that can cause liver failure;
  • Calcium pantothenate is a synthetic compound made of pantothenic acid which mimics vitamin B5;
  • Palmitate is a synthetic version of vitamin A which can cause digestive problems and liver failure;
  • Zinc sulfate is a toxic compound that can kill your cells;
  • Sodium molybdate is a synthetic version of sodium that can harm your reproductive system;
  • The Ensure products also contain other synthetic compounds which include versions of vitamin D3, biotin, folic acid, ascorbic acid, citric acid and whey protein isolate.

As Carrol said in her last blog post, soup and pudding can be healthy if they’re made of natural ingredients, but the Ensure products are disgusting and seriously unhealthy. It’s not real food as advertised – it’s a collection of artificial ingredients mixed with water which can raise the risk of several serious diseases.

“I wouldn’t feed animals with it, let alone a human being. If you agree with me, share this with everyone so we can all be more aware of the dangers of Ensure products,” Carrol said in her September 2015 post.

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