The Silva Method Will Make All Your Dreams Come True!

We all have periods in life when we’re doubting our choices or find it hard to resolve a problem. Sometimes, we just don’t know how to react in a difficult situation, but if you really want to find a solution to your problems, the amazing method we have for you today will definitely help you. The so-called Silva method was invented by Jose Silva, a man known for his intuitive training. To perform this technique, you’ll need to learn how to open your third eye and use it depending on your problems.

By using the method you’ll program your unconscious to deal with your problems easily. In the beginning, the technique was used to help people find a way out of tough situations, but it is also ideal for fulfilling your wishes.

Here’s what you need to do: before you go to bed, fill a glass with water, then say your wishes aloud. Formulate your wish precisely, and never use the word “no”. “For example, asking yourself “Why can’t I find money for travelling abroad?” won’t work. The right question is “How can I get money to travel abroad?” This is an example of a precise and concrete question. Other examples would be “I’m looking for a solution to quit smoking” or “What’s the best solution for buying a flat or a car?”. “How do I find a job that pays well?” and “How can I solve my problems easily?” are also good examples,” says Silva.

Now, take the glass of water in your hand, focus, close your eyes and drink half of it, continuously repeating “This is all I need to do to solve my problems”. Cover the rest of the water afterwards, then go to sleep. In the morning, drink the remaining half with your eyes closed and pointed above. Repeat the phrase again in the exact order of words.

Overnight, or during the next day, you might get a clear idea on the solution for your problem. You may find yourself in a situation in the next few days which will suggest a way out – it may be a phone call, an article online or an unexpected meeting. Everything may be a hint in the right direction. If you wake up in the morning with a sudden solution, drink the rest of the water and thank the Universe and your unconscious for helping you.

How does the method work?

Not many people are aware of the fact that water has memory – it has the ability to receive and memorize information, and it can also affect your conscious mind. The human body and brain consists of ¾ of water. When you’re drinking water with your eyes closed, your brain activity increases, and the brain tries to process every you’ve swallowed. This activity opens the door to more efficient thinking.

The phenomenon of memorizing information allows water to save data. It resembles a disc that can save any kind of data, so plain water can affect your unconscious mind and your body itself, which was confirmed in several studies. With the help of water, you can rejuvenate and help your organism.

The Silva method can help you find a way out of your problems and make your dreams come true as well. The point is to realize how to rewire your brain. For every problem you have, it’s necessary to repeat the process, but it is especially great for solving problems related to human interaction. You may be skeptical at first, but many people have used it to find a real solution to their problems. Try it yourself – after all, what do you have to lose? Have in mind that the unconscious is very powerful – it can give you a proper answer to any problem you might be facing.


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