We Show You What Are The 20 Sources Of Pains In The Body That Could Be Linked With Emotional States

When we begin to present pains of all kinds we try to analyze where they come from and why they are there, we always think of movements that we make or blows that we receive, but very seldom we think that it can be a merely emotional question.

That is how the way we feel often dictates how our body will be or what pains we will present, as simple as that, the point is to know how to read this and to understand where it is that we are failing to solve the pains that we have.

The body is especially clear when it comes to pain. The experiences of your life manifest directly in your body and when you experience emotional stress, your body shows you exactly what the problem is. The only thing you need to do is decode it.

There are things like stress or sadness that causes different pains, today we bring you a list of 20 symptoms that talk about the muscle pain caused by emotions, let’s see what they are so you know what you can do to solve it.

Physical pain caused by emotional states

These are the pains that have to do with emotional problems

Muscle pains-presents a challenging ability to move in our lives. How flexible are we being with our experiences at work, home or within ourselves? Go with the flow.

A Headache– Migraines occur when we know the decision to make and we do not take it. Make sure to take time each day to relax. Do something that will relieve that tension.

Pain in the neck-This is that you could not forgive or a problem that you have not forgotten, try to overcome it.

Pain in the gums-This means that there is another decision missing in your life, try to solve it.

Shoulder pain-This has to do with the emotional load, takes things more lightly and tries to talk to someone.

Stomach ache-Stress is your worst enemy, try to reduce it as much as you can.

Pain in the upper back-It’s because you need some emotional support.

Low back pain-Financial concerns are central to this.

Pain in the sacrum and coccyx-It’s because there’s a situation you have not faced, do it at once.

Pain in the elbows-You resist the changes that come in your life, let life flow.

Pain in the arms-There is a heavy personal load or someone else, take into consideration if it is important.

Pain in the hands-It’s because there’s something you could not reach or connect

Pain in the hips– You are afraid to move to do something new.

Pain in the joints-You lacks the flexibility on your part to accept the new changes in your life.

Pain in the knees– You are falling pretense, try to be more humble.

Toothache-You do not like the situation you live in and you expect it to be resolved soon.

Pain in the ankles-shows that you do not grant you the right to pleasure. It is perhaps time to become more forgiving towards yourself. Try spicing up your love life.

Fatigue pain-Boredom, resistance, and denying what it takes to move forward, “What’s next?” Open yourself to that little voice which speaks very softly and nudges you towards a new experience.

Feet ache-Suffer from a depression or low mood, try to do something fun to disconnect.

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