She Died From Headache After 2 Days, Now Doctors are Warning Everyone of These Symptoms!

There are many health problems we face every day. Flu, inflammation and headaches are common problems that millions of people experience on a daily basis. We usually fight these problems by taking pills on our own, with almost no one thinking about the risks this habit may bring.

Sometimes, people just ignore the problem until it goes away, which can have serious consequences on our health. Such was the case of Charlotte “Reads” Broadway from North Carolina. She and her husband Eric had 4 children and their presence was required at all times. Charlotte and Eric were high school sweethearts who eventually got married and were lucky to have 4 children.

Charlotte was suffering from headaches from an early age and she learned how to deal with them. She took pills that helped her, but she never thought that not seeing a doctor about it could expose her health to such a big risk. On the 1st April, 2017, Charlotte experienced the worst migraine in her life. This time, she decided to go to the hospital with her husband. They both thought that she needed a stronger pill, but her situation was in fact life-threatening!

As Eric said to a local news station, they didn’t think it was anything serious when they got to the hospital as Charlotte was having migraines all the time. However, she was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm, a serious cerebrovascular disease which occurs due to weakness of blood vessels in the brain. This may result in a small bubble in the vessels which can put too much pressure on the brain and rupture if not treated on time, causing a hemorrhage that can have fatal consequences. This was the exact reason for the severe migraine Charlotte had.

2 days later, Charlotte passed away. Now, her husband Eric uses his painful experience to remind anyone that headaches are highly dangerous and shouldn’t be treated on your own. Here are the symptoms of brain aneurysm you should learn to recognize on time:

  • Loss of sensation in the face;
  • Upset stomach and vomiting;
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness;
  • Weakness in the limbs;
  • Severe headache;

If the signs are recognized on time and you visit a doctor, the aneurysm can be resolved. This is why Eric urges anyone who experiences a splitting headache visit a doctor – after all, you could be in grave danger!


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