According to a recent research, pomegranate extract can treat and prevent the main problems responsible for heart attack. The progressive thickening of your coronary arteries is caused by the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels, a condition known as atherosclerosis. Pomegranate extract can improve the blood flow in patients suffering from cardiovascular problems and reduce the swelling and high blood pressure, while preventing heart attack and other heart problems.

11 health benefits of pomegranate

1.Pomegranates reduce visceral fat, which is the most dangerous type of fat in the body.

2.Pomegranate extract can prevent heart diseases thanks to the rich antioxidant content.

3.The fruit can reduce the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol in your blood.

4.Pomegranates can reduce the plaque deposits in your arteries and prevent the blood from clotting.

5.Regularly consuming pomegranates can help you defeat prostate, breast cancer, diabetes and lymphoma.

6.The high vitamin C content can prevent all kinds of infections in the body.

7.The anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit can reduce inflammation in the body and prevent diseases and conditions.

8.Pomegranates can significantly improve your overall health.

9.Pomegranate extract can regenerate and rejuvenate your liver.

10.Pomegranate extract can protect your DNA from damage.

11.According to a new research, consumption of pomegranate juice during pregnancy can protect the brain of infants.

The best pomegranates are large, smooth and firm, and also have a vibrant color as well as cuts and blemishes. You can keep the fruit in a cool and dry place for up to a month, or even two months in the fridge. It’s best to eat the fruit raw, although the seeds can be a nice addition to salads and desserts as well.

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