Scientists Discover That We Inherit Our Intelligence From Our Mother’s Genes!

Mothers and fathers often like to brag about their genes being responsible for their child’s handsomeness, height or intelligence. The connection between the parent’s genes and their child’s intelligence is a never-ending story, but a recent study will shock their beliefs to the core!

According to a recent German study, the mother’s genes determine the intelligence of the baby, as they are found in the X chromosome. Dr. Horst Hameister of the University of Ulm says that that “women tend to be better in general on IQ tests, scoring an average of around 100 points, while men have an average of 99 points.” Many of these genes were found to be present in the X chromosome and are related to memory and nerve endings in the brain. Most of the genes are activated if inherited by the mother, and are not activated if they come from the father. This is not a new discovery – in 1984, the University of Cambridge conducted several rodent studies which concluded that mice with maternal genes had larger brains and better cognitive function. The father genes are present in the emotional part of the brain and are responsible for survival, food, sex and aggression. The father genes are also not found in the cortex.

Another study in Scotland showed that the intellectual coefficient of the mother also influences the intelligence of her child – if it’s high, it’s more likely that her child will be more intelligent.

The environment has influence as well

According to a study conducted at the University of Washington, the relationship between a mother and her child also affects the physical development of the brain. The study followed the relationships between several mothers and children for years, and found out that children who received correct stimuli for their needs had a 10% larger hippocampus than the other group. The hippocampus is related to the memory and learning process, as well as our reaction to stress.

What percentage of intelligence do we inherit?

According to scientists, we inherit about 45-55% of our intelligence through our genes, which is certainly a big portion.

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