Science Has Proven – These 11 Old Superstitions Are Actually True!

Superstition is a term which describes a belief or practice that is irrational and often arises from ignorance. We have often heard about different superstitions from our mothers and grandmothers, and now science has confirmed some of them. Drink a cup of milk to sleep better, don’t hold your bag on the floor as it will harm your financial state, don’t leave an open umbrella in your rooms… you might have thought that these superstitions were simply grandmother lore, but science says otherwise.

Here are 11 old superstitions you would have never guessed are true:

Hot baths damage the sperm

If you’re trying to conceive, don’t let your partner take hot baths before the action. Our grandmothers were aware of this for a long time before science confirmed it. According to a 2007 study, spending 30 minutes in a hot bath before having sex can reduce the amount of spermatozoons, while avoiding hot water did improve their number and the quality of the sperm as well.

Hiccups during pregnancy indicate that the baby has a lot of hair

This myth was recently confirmed by scientists from the John Hopkins hospital from Baltimore. According to the research, the increased amount of hormones during pregnancy responsible for the hiccups stimulates the growth of hair on the fetus as well.

Full moon

There are different age-old stories about full moons, but most of them agree that people and animals as well change their behavior at this part of the year. Science has also proven that there’s a link between the lunar shape and our mood. One study has shown that people sleep worse during this time of the year, even if they put the blinds down.

Fight fire with fire

You’ve probably heard that the best way to get through a hangover in the morning is to drink alcohol again, and science has proven it correct. Consuming small amounts of alcohol can relieve a hangover, but it can also increase the risk of alcohol addiction. We have a better advice for you – drink a big glass of water before going to bed after drinking a lot of alcohol.

Counting sheep for better sleep

Our grandmothers used to say that you should count sheep when you’re unable to fall asleep, and it turns out they were right. Visualization and mental pictures can indeed help you drift away by taking your mind off problems and allowing you to focus on one goal.

Cheese is responsible for your weird dreams

Some people think that cheese is the main source of weird dreams, and a British study confirmed it. The participants in the study who ate cheese before going to bed had weirder dreams than those who didn’t.

Fatty fish are good for your brain

Fatty fish contain a high level of omega-3 fatty acids which can improve the electrical connectivity in your brain and its function. One study has even shown that consuming fatty fish often can make your brain bigger!

Chicken soup as a remedy for numerous ailments

Our grandmothers always used to give us a bowl of chicken soups when we were down with the flu, and they knew what they were doing. Although the soup won’t completely cure the ailment, it will relieve some symptoms. Scientists have found out that chicken soup can reduce the activity of white blood cells which are often responsible for inflammation, so go ahead and eat a bowl if you’re already in bed.

Male babies kick more than female ones

According to on study from Ireland, male babies do kick more and bearing a boy increases the risk of birth complications. The study cites the bigger size and head of the boys as the main source of the problem.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apples are indeed powerful and healthy. One recent study which examined the effects of 1 apple a day in people over 50 showed that the fruit prevents up to 8500 cases of stroke a year, so you may want to start eating it more.

Chocolate relieves premenstrual cramps

The need for chocolate before your menstruation is related to our physiological needs. Studies have shown that chocolate contains essential nutrients and antioxidants which have a relaxing effect on your body and can reduce the pain. Knowing this, you shouldn’t feel bad about the pieces of chocolate you ate before your period.


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