You Probably Didn’t Know That This Product Can do Wonders for Your Face!

Can I ask you a simple question – does the name Zote rings any bell?  Well, if your answer is no, then you should definitely read the article below! You will find out more about this useful product and its uses!

Zote – Facts You Must Know:

Zote is a soap and it has been manufactured and sold in Mexico for about 40 years. This is the soap that you see Mexican ladies use when they wash their clothes on a corrugated washboard or “tallador” (tabla de lavandera). It generally comes in a big bar of 400 grams and it comes in several colors, pink, blue, and white but the colors are just dyes and all three colors supposedly work the same.

You should also know that the name “Zote” comes from the size of the bar. If you add the suffix “zote” to the word “jabón” (ha-BOHN) which means “soap”, you get “jabonzote” or “big bar of soap” just like “favorzote” means “big favor”. Although Zote is a little stronger than generic bath soap it is still mild enough to be used by most people. This soap is made from beef tallow and coconut oil that are neutralized with caustic soda during the soap making process. It also contains salt (sodium chloride), glycerin, oil of citronella, optical brightener and dye. It contains no abrasives. It is the oil of citronella that makes it smell a bit lemony but not overpowering.

Thus laundry soap is ideal for people who: have oily skin, have acne, suffer from dermatitis, have allergies to soaps, etc. This soap has beneficial ingredients for your skin and it will also help you reduce allergies.

Zote – How to Use it:

The oil of citronella also works as a bug repellent. For washing clothes, especially things like sweaters, delicate garments, and underwear, this stuff can’t be beat. It works very well on tough to clean spots like shirt collars and cuffs and it can also be used as a spot remover. You dissolve half a bar in two quarts of water and boil it down into a paste. You then put the paste over the stubborn spot or stain and put it out in the sun to harden. Then you just lift off the paste and the stain will come with it. Save what you didn’t use for the next time or use it in your washer.

This soap has other uses as well. Some people also use it to wash dishes. They even say that the pink Zote makes excellent catfish bait. I don’t intend to try fishing with it but I do intend to keep bathing with it at least until something falls off. Anyway, if you’ve never tried it you ought to give it shot. When the bar becomes too small to grasp comfortably you save it and when you have a bunch of pieces like this you can dissolve them in water to make liquid soap. You can also use Zote in your washing machine by grating it. Clothes washed with Zote seem to stay fresh longer. You can really brighten dingy clothes by soaping them up and then putting them in the sun for awhile before rinsing them.

You can also use Zote soap to repair tubes or pipes. If you make a mix with ZOTE soap and sugar, you may temporarily repair leaking pipes.With sculpting tools, you may make a sculpture out of a ZOTE bar. If you try, we recommend to do it when the soap is still fresh, since it will be more difficult to handle once it has hardened. Or, if you want to perfume your drawers, you may put a piece of ZOTE inside a fabric bag in your drawer. Your drawer will be fragrant and if you put clothes in there, you will notice how your garments smell like they have just been washed.

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