Possible Side Effects: This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Crack Your Neck!

We all know that cracking your neck can provide temporary relief although it’s almost always best to allow a licensed practitioner, such as a chiropractor, to make adjustments. But, the experts say that you should be aware that cracking your neck can have serious unintended consequences. Cracking your neck could create a small tear in the lining of the vertebral artery, which eventually could lead to stroke. Understand these risks before you engage in any home remedies.

  1. Fist and Cup


It’s very simple – first, you should make a fist. Put your fist on your chin, but slightly to the right.Push to the left. You should hear a cracking sound. Place your open palm across the underside of your chin and push to the right to crack the other side.Make sure you hear the cracking noise. If not, try to crack one side and then try the other side again.

  1. Cup and Reach 


Here’s what you need to do – in order to crack the left side of your neck, cup your chin in your left hand. Your chin should be in the hollow of your hand and your fingers resting on your left cheek. Note: it’s always a good idea to have had a neck rub, massage or even a few good neck stretches before you begin to help stretch and loosen the neck.Reach around the back of your head with your right hand. Get a good grip and hold in the hair behind your left ear. Rotate your head. Gently but firmly rotate your head counter-clockwise between your hands, pushing your chin around to the left with your palm while pulling your head around in the opposite direction with your right hand.

Do this until the neck muscles are at full stretch but not over stretched. Crack the right side of the neck in reverse. Cup chin in right palm, grab hair behind right ear with left hand and rotate clockwise. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.


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