Organic For The Rich, GM For The Poor

The subject of GMO food isn’t just a health or economic problem – it’s a social issue as well. According to Fortunato Esquivel, a Bolivian journalist, “big agricultural manufacturers are trying to convince people on the “urgent” need to venture into the use of biotechnology for production of great proportions of food”, which makes genetically modified seeds the best option. In the past, scientific breakthroughs have been assigned to the rich, but now it seems that they are meant for the poor. For Esquivel, the reason for the change is suspicious to say the least.

One of the main problems with GMO seeds is that they only serve for harvest. They are designed to be resistant to toxins and diseases, and stay intact even when they come in contact with glyphosate, which makes them difficult to digest. “These seeds contain toxic bacteria in their genets, which kills insects and bacterial pests,” says Dobrovolsky. This poison is dangerous for humans, and the main reason why these foods are aimed at the poor.

“The proponents of GMO hide that the companies have accumulated more than 500 pending or approved patents that monopolize the market,” says Silvia Ribeiro, a scientist and environmental activist. “80 percent of the global distribution of cereals is in the hands of four multinationals which manage the supply to get more profits,” she says.

“The case of corn in Mexico is illustrative. Despite the fact that farmers in the North of the country claim to have 2 million tons to sell, Mexico recently imported 1.5 million tons of United States (GMO), and on the other hand will sell 150 thousand tons to El Salvador and more to Venezuela. Previously, we bought half a million tons to South Africa”, added Ribeiro. These desicions were made by Bruno Ferrari, ex-Secretary of economy and a Monsanto supporter, which makes things absurd. The import of GMO corn is really unnecessary as Mexico has its own great supply of organic corn. However, the country is still buying the American GMO corn under the guise of economic advantages.

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