Only Performs These Movements at Night Before you go to Sleep and See the Miracle that Happens….

Insomnia is a big problem that manifests through the inability to fall asleep or staying asleep for as long as you like. The constant lack of sleep can make a person irritated and anxious, as well as exhausted over time. People usually take sleeping pills to resolve it, but they have numerous adverse side-effects and may cause even bigger problems. Luckily, yoga can help you relieve the anxiety and stress naturally and will help you resolve the problem over time.

Today we’re going to show you some great yoga poses that can help you treat insomnia. They are fairly easy to perform even if you’re not that flexible. In the beginning, the poses should be kept short – once you’re comfortable you can gradually increase the duration every day.

Balasana posture

This posture can resolve knee pain. Go down on the floor on your knees and relax your back, shoulder, stomach and mind. If your butt doesn’t reach your heels, put a folded blanket in between. Now, stretch your arms in front of you and relax, breathing deeply during the exercise.

Supta Baddha Konasana

Lie on your back on a mat on the floor, then bend your knees and touch the heels, while dropping the knees to the sides as close to the floor as you can. Rest your arms to the sides as well and relax your body and mind. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen and meditate for up to 5 minutes.

Spinal roll of rocking

Lie on your back and hold your knees close to the chest, then start rocking from side to side. This posture will stretch and massage your muscles in the back and relax your legs, shoulders and body as well. Take deep breaths while doing the pose.

Supta Matsyendrasana

Lie on your back on the floor, then bend your knees and drop them to the right side. You can stabilize your legs by holding the left thigh with the right hand, but make sure to stretch your left arm as well and turn your head to the same side.


The so-called position of the fish can relax your body and mind and treat anxiety and restlessness. Lie down on your back and put your arms beside your body on the floor with the palms facing downward and below your buttocks. Now, press the underside of your arms in the floor and rest your body on the elbows, then lift it off the ground and stretch your chest. If you can’t hold your neck up, rest your head on the ground. Now, take 5-10 deep breaths and feel the chest and body relax.


Kapotasana, or the Dove posture is an advanced yoga pose that is pretty difficult for beginners. Most people need a blanket or pillow for the pose, so have that in mind when trying it. Relax and sit on the floor with your legs crossed, then put your palms on the floor and push your buttocks forward. Now, slide the left leg back until you feel the stretch, and keep your left foot pressed into the ground.

Now, go forward with your chest and relax your shoulders, putting a heavy blanket or pillow under the right side of your buttocks so you’re nicely relaxed. Start “walking” your hands forward until your upper body is stretched above your right leg. Keep the back as straight as you can and inhale and exhale deeply while stretching your hips. In the beginning, you should aim for a minute, but once you master the Kapotasana pose you should go for 10 minutes. Repeat the pose on both sides of your body.


Meditation can relax your body and mind and relieve your stress. Sit on the edge of a blanket or a thick book and cross your legs, then stretch the spine upwards and relax your shoulders as well. Start breathing deeply and focus on your breathing, while completely relaxing your mind. Meditation can help you overcome the negative emotions and relieve anxiety, while also preventing depression.


This yoga pose is also known as the Intense Dornal Stretch. It can treat asthma and insomnia, and can also help you in cases of slipped disc. Sit straight on the floor with your legs in front, and then bend forward until you touch the tip of your toes. Stretch the back as far as possible, but keep it straight if you’re suffering from back pain. Don’t worry if you’re not forming a 45-degree angle like in the picture above – just focus on your breathing and try to relax.

If you need to, put your hands beside your body and feel the stretch in your back.

Parivrtta Sukhasana

This pose is known as the “easy pose” as it can be done by almost anyone. Sit on the floor with crossed legs, then put your right hand on the left knee and the left hand behind your left hip. Now, turn the upper part gently to the left and breathe deep, and make sure to stretch your spine at the moment of turning. Repeat the pose on the other side once more.

Viparita Karani

For this pose, you’ll need a clear wall. Lie down on the ground and put your legs up the wall like in the picture. Leave your hands beside your body and relax the shoulders, then breathe deeply and focus on your chest. If you’re feeling stiff, separate yourself from the wall a bit. For people that have lower back pain, it a good idea to put a pillow underneath the coccyx.

If you’ve been skeptical about yoga in the past, we bet you aren’t now. Yoga is a powerful practice that can relieve numerous problems including insomnia. For even better results, recite a mantra for your ears only in order to resolve your sleeping problems. Try the poses – they won’t do any harm and will help you relieve insomnia.

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