The Number Of Times You Urinate Indicates The State Of Your Health And Whether You´Re Suffering from Any Illness

The frequency of urination indicates how your body is hidrated.

Whether you noticed it or not, it´s very important to know how many times a day you should urinate. The number of times you go to the toilet can tell you the state your health’s in.

As we´ve already mentioned, there is no steady number when it comes to how often you should do it, but the average should be four times a day, with the maximum of seven times a day. If you go to the toilet more than 7 times a day, don´t worry just yet.

There are various factors that can influence the frequency of urination, including hydration and how you´re hydrating yourself.

Is it ok to urinate very often?

Unfortunately, it´s not. If you go to the toilet 11 times a day or more after drinking two liters of liquid, that could mean you´re having a problem with the urination frequency. This condition is often caused by an overactive bladder that is contracting more than is necessary. This triggers the sensation of having to urinate a lot. But Dr. Grafstein says that we can train our bladder. The only condition is that we have no urinary incontinence difficulties.

We´ll give you some useful information about urine you should be aware of:

Healthy urine is yellow.

Eating certain food can cause the color of urine to change. For example, beetroot make it look reddish, rhubarb can make it change to dark brown or black, and if you consume blackberries, it will look pink.

Eating asparagus is healthy but it can make the urine have bad smell.

If the urine has a sweet smell, that´s a sign of diabetes.

Urine is 95% water.

The abundant stream of urine gets weaker as we grow older.

It can also disturb our sleep, which is why you should avoid drinking liquids before going to sleep.

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