You Had No Idea What It Can Do. Look What Nutritionists Say About Pork Jelly

Piftia (pork jelly) is a popular pork dish in the Balkans which is made from low-grade cuts of pig meat that contain a big portion of connective tissue. It contains few calories and is high in protein. “Piftia is a very easy form of conduct which contains essential nutrients such amino acids present in connective tissue (Collagen fibers). They participate in the recovery of the skin, tendons, the joints. Because diet with meat “clean” contains little of these amino acids, the body can get into position to not be able to produce enough material for building restoration, “explains nutriționist Castro Mărgărit on his blog.

Mărgărit also says that there’s no fat or carbs in piftia, but the dish is rich in proteins. In the past, these proteins were thought to be of low quality due to the imbalanced amino acid profile, but this is exactly what makes the gelatin so great for our health. These amino acids are also added to cosmetic products that can improve the quality of the skin, reduce stretch marks and remove cellulite, and they can do the same for the inside of the body.

“Piftia contains lysine (helps increase muscle and fights against viral infections) and arginine (helps pumping muscle). There’s also vitamin C due to the parsley. Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen and connective tissue and restoring health to hair and nails,”Cristian Mărgrit says. Mihaela Bilic, a nutritionist, also advices eating meat in aspic as it is very healthy. “It’s the season for frozen fish or jelly, dietary dishes containing cooked meat (pork or poultry), plenty of water and geletina. Gelatin is a protein present in animal connective tissues that has the ability to absorb 10 times more water than its weight. Because of that we must use the many bones trotters (feet, pork, chicken or turkey loins), so the final preparation can be firm and well defined,”Bilic says.

Some people like to put pieces of lean meat instead of the pig trotters to make for a finer dish. “Just don’t forget to remove the top layer of fat before serving,” she wrote on Facebook.


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