A miraculous ingredient: it improves your blood chart and stops the aging process!

Beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant with a dark red color. It has been known to humanity as a food and natural remedy against numerous diseases since ancient times.

The plant has been dated back to 2000 BC, with the first traces of the root found in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Thebes, when it has been introduced in cuisines thanks to its leaves. In Europe, beets were present in England, and were spread by the Roman Empire who used it as animal food. The importance of beets gained momentum somewhere in the 18th century, when a Berliner named Andreas Marggraf discovered that beets are rich in sugar. That’s also the time when the first sugar factories appeared. After importing the plant in France, Napoleon became pretty interested in the root and opened a special school for its study. Beets can now be found all throughout Central Europe, Russia, Italy as well as in the USA.

The root contains numerous vitamins and minerals including some special ones such as vitamin B12. Beets are rich in iron, protein, healthy fats and carbs, which is why they’re often a part of different natural remedies. Beets are often used to boost the blood chart and their medical properties are useful in cases of bone and teeth demineralization. The high iodine content can prevent atherosclerosis and stop the aging process.

Beets also contain betaine and betanin, two powerful and rare compounds that can regulate your blood pressure, lower cholesterol, stimulate proper liver function and keep the blood vessels healthy. Cooking reduces the root’s nutritional value, which is why it’s recommended to be eaten raw.

Beets can also be used for beauty purposes – applying beet juice on your face will hydrate your skin and remove any dead skin cells, while using the juice on your hair can give it a nice red shine. Add beets in your diet today in order to benefit from its great properties and nutritional value!


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