Mineral Water Harms Your Health! It Contains 11 Times The Dangerous Substances Found In A Glass Of Tap Water!

Many people love drinking mineral water more than tap water, but overconsumption of it may cause numerous health problems. Mineral water is commonly used as an alternative to soda drinks, and is usually consumed alone or combined with white wine. However, consuming it in bigger amount can harm your health, according to British scientists.

The scientists analyzed samples of several European mineral water brands and have found out that they contain 2-11 times more salt than a single glass of tap water. The scientists are warning that regular consumption of mineral water can cause kidney problems, increase your blood pressure and raises the risk of heart attack and stroke.

“Drinking more than a liter of mineral water daily can seriously endanger your health, while drinking it in moderation doesn’t pose any health risks,” says Sonja Pombo, a nutritionist. However, scientists are suggesting avoiding mineral water altogether if you’re suffering from high blood pressure.


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