Mental Retardation, Cancer, Early Graying And Stomatitis – Folic Acid Deficiency is Not a Joke!

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a part in numerous important functions in the body. Although the body synthesizes the vitamin in the intestines, most of it is absorbed from external sources.

Folic acid plays a role in the synthesis of blood cells, RNA and amino acids and regulates the work of all body cells during the development of new chemical processes. It’s also important for the regular activity of enzymes in the body.

Vitamin B9 can be found in beef and chicken liver, spinach, celery, peanuts, oregano, mint, raspberry leaves and parsley. However, most of it its lost during cooking, so we rarely get enough of it. In order to replenish the levels of folic acid in the body, it’s best to take supplements in the form of pills which are cheap and can be easily found in any pharmacy. Lack of vitamin B9 is a serious problem that can affect your health on many levels. The vitamin regulates the growth of many important cells, so lack of it can even cause development of malignant cells.

Vitamin B9 deficiency has been linked to mental retardation and central nervous system irregularities, as well as anxiety, memory problems, stomatitis, anemia, early graying, early menopause, severe migraines, heart attack and stroke. The amount of folic acid in the body depends on a person’s lifestyle – the vitamin is absorbed faster in sporty and active people as well as people who live in sunny areas. On the other hand, smokers, alcoholics and women on birth control pills are often suffering from vitamin B9 deficiency.

The recommended daily allowance of vitamin B9 is 200-500 mcg. per day, and a minimum of it amount ensures proper body function. In the case of increase mental and physical exertion or stress, the dosage should be increased. Folic acid deficiency is common during pregnancy and lactation, when the body requires a bigger amount of it. However, we suggest consulting with a doctor on the proper dosage during pregnancy. Without proper levels of vitamin B9, the fetus won’t develop as it should.

Hypervitaminosis is an extreme rarity in cases of folic acid and causes symptoms such as diarrhea and sleep disturbances. Although it can be taken on its own, vitamin B9 is fully absorbed in the body only when taken in combination with vitamin B12 or some other B vitamin. We suggest taking multivitamin supplement pills with a bit of water every day in order to regulate your vitamin B9 levels. You will see the improvements in only a week – your hair will be shinier and more flexible, and your complexion and skin quality will also improve.

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