How did he come up with such an unusual prank? Maybe a mysterious voice from within was the one leading him to do that?

Well, we’re about to find out what really happened.

A user of the social network Reddit recently published an interesting story about this man, a friend of his, who told him that he did a pregnancy test and it turned out positive.

There were endless comments on the post, more than a thousand of them. But the things took a different turn when one of the subscribers wrote: “If this is right, then your friend needs to go check himself at the doctor’s to see whether he has a testicular cancer.

A little later, there was another comment: “The test turned out positive. He should visit an oncologist”. It was these comments that saved his life afterwards. A man who wrote the post told him about them, he listened to his advice and made an appointment at his doctor’s office. The doctors discovered a small tumor in one off his testicles in the early stages of development.

A reporter Amy Oshiro decided to reveal more details of this unusual story.

As it is well known, the pregnancy test is based on the verification of the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced when a woman is expecting a baby.  The placenta is the one producing it.

Dr. Frank Rodriguez, an oncology specialist, confirmed that this hormone can sometimes be present in certain types of cancer, including the testicular cancer.

He indicated that this type is a very rare one; only 5 out of 100 million of people a year get it. It is usually the men in their forties suffering from it, but the disease can also attack the 25-year olds.

According to the statistics, more than 90% of men diagnosed with this disease are successfully cured, no matter the stage in which the cancer is caught.


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