How to make a luminous bottle to decorate your rooms

Make sure that the bottle is clean and dry before painting it, either opt for luminous paint or sticks and put it next to a lit bulb to make it shine more brightly.

It is very common for children to leave the light on when they go to bed until they reach a certain age because they feel more comfortable and safe.

However, this is not very convenient because, in addition to increasing the costs of light, young people are becoming dependent on it to be able to sleep.

Luckily, there is a very interesting way to get them to sleep without the light on but with a little lighting.

It is a beautiful decorative jar, which we can make with very few materials at home, resulting in an object that shines magically when turning off the lights.

In this article, we want to share two very easy ways to make them so you do not hesitate to try it at some free time. Cheer up!

How to make a luminous bottle with sticks

luminous bottle with stick

In many party decoration stores, she sells sticks or bars that emit a fluorescent light and shine in the dark.

This interesting product is also known as luminous bracelets since, in general, they are used to set celebrations.

They are bars about 20 cm long and 0.50 cm in diameter,  which also include plastic connectors about 2 cm long.

They usually come in assorted and striking colors such as red, yellow, green, fuchsia, lilac, orange or blue.

In addition, in some presentations come several shades in a single bar, which makes them more interesting.

To make our craft you can choose your favorite colors, where possible, combining more than two.


  • Glass jars (whichever you want)
  • Light sticks
  • Plastic gloves
  • Scissors
  • Old tulle

Step 1

Look for several glass jars, for example, where coffee, olives, and other foods come from.

Step 2

Cut a piece of old tulle a little higher than the bottle, and put it inside, so that it is against the glass.

Step 3

Put on gloves to protect your hands and cut the light stick to extract your paint.

Step 4

Move the paint stick inside the bottle, making sure to create spots on the tulle and the glass so that it then shines in the dark.

Step 5

As the idea is to make an attractive bottle of colors, cut another stick of a different tone and repeat the previous step.

Step 6

Close the bottle with a secure lid and shake it.

Step 7

Turn off the light and enjoy its beautiful lighting.

How to make a luminous bottle of paint

The paint we are going to use for our bottle is the fluorescent type that they sell in art stores.

It is a pigment with photoluminescent properties, which can glow in the dark after absorbing energy in the form of short-wave electromagnetic radiation.

Depending on the pigment used, it may reflect green, blue, yellow or pink colors.

As in the previous case, we propose to combine two or three so that the bottle is more beautiful.


  • Glass bottles
  • Fluorescent paint
  • A brush
  • Water (the necessary)

Step 1

In a clean container, mix the fluorescent paint with a little water until the particles dissolve little by little.

Use a brush and gloves to protect the skin of your hands.

Step 2

Wash the jars well and make sure to dry them completely.

Step 3

Use the brush to apply the paint inside the bottle, making small dots to cover it completely. The more points you make, the more it will shine in the dark.

This process may take a little time, but you will love the result.

Step 4

Put it a few minutes next to the lit bulb so that its brightness is more resplendent when turning off the light.

Although in the day the bottle will not look so special, you’ll love seeing how it shines in the dark.

Did you like this idea? As you can see, both forms are very easy to make and the results are very striking.

You just need a little time and creativity to start making your own. In fact, if you like you can make them in the company of your children to have fun together.

Of course, supervise that they wear gloves and old clothes so that there is no problem in case of spills or splashes.

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