Did You Know That It Is Good That Your Girlfriend Farts In Front Of You? You Don’t Have Any Idea How Important It Is!

If you hear someone saying that farting is sexy, you might think he’s crazy for saying it. However, many experts agree with that view – even though we are all ashamed by farts, they can actually be good for our health.

Many people are afraid of breaking the wind in front of their partners, and try to contain their gasses as soon as they can hold them. However, experts are warning that this is dangerous, and are urging everyone not to be ashamed of farting in front of other people!

Leah DeCesare, an American psychologist, is one of these experts who has released many articles about relationships and parenting. According to DeCesare, many people are afraid to be free with their partners, but this is wrong. DeCesare says that breaking wind while being with your partner is nothing to be afraid of – it’s a completely natural thing she equals to laughter, crying or hunger. She also says that women should fart in front of their partners for several reasons.

An exclusive relationship

The “weaker sex” is associated with tenderness, sweetness and fragility, but farting in front of your partner can send a positive message that he is the only one you want. After all, you surely want the love of your life to be your best friend, right? This degree of sincerity will bring your relationship to another level and make it more honest and exclusive.

Internal jokes

Many people consider breaking wind in company a funny thing, which can lead to internal jokes and strengthen the relationships.

No secrets

Farting in front of your partner will make your relationship more sincere and sends a message that there are no secrets between the two of you. If you don’t feel the need to hold your gasses in, you won’t hide anything else.

Farting is sexy

Yes, it is! Is your partner attracted to you after you come home sweaty after a run or hitting the gym? If he likes you then, why would you be afraid to fart in front of him? Don’t hold the gasses in – just break the wind and be free!

DeCesare says that farting can bring a couple together. It’s the perfect way of expressing that you feel free in front of your partner and may be the start of a good and long relationship. So fart all you want – it may be the thing that takes your relationship to a new level!


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