The Kindest People Have Suffered The Most: Kindness Is Valuable, But Costs A Lot

Every day in our life is a new lesson learned. Not all people have an equal life – some are happy, while others suffer a lot. Someone’s talented, while others aren’t. Everyone plays with the cards they’ve been dealt. Genetics, financial status, heritage and other factors have a big role in our chosen path.

However, these are just circumstances – you can either look at them as obstacles or as an opportunity to grow. We can’t affect these things in any way, but what we do in certain situations is completely our decision and we can either be a victim or fight back. It’s not a coincidence that the kindest people we meet have suffered a lot of pain in their lives. Yet, they always walk with their heads high and deal with the circumstances. These people have learned to use their pain and suffering to understand and help others. They have gained the power of empathy and kindness and have developed love and caring for others. The best thing about it is that they have gained everything through much suffering.

Kind people weren’t born that way. They have made themselves kind by choosing not to surrender.

Kind people bring light in our lives because they have found a way through darkness

Kind people usually had a difficult life. They were born in dark times and lived under difficult conditions, but they always found a way out. These people weren’t born under a lucky star – they had to carve their luck on their own. Some lived in poverty, others were left alone in the world, some suffered abuse or lived in a negative environment. Whatever the cause, they all have survival in common and managed to find a way out full through love, wisdom and kindness. These people were made to work for everything they gained in life and this experience made them shine bright like a diamond.

Kind people look at obstacles as an opportunity for growth

These people don’t allow pessimism to take over – when they see an obstacle, they are thinking for positive solutions to the problem. Everything that’s dragging us down to the bottom can be looked as an opportunity to grow, and every obstacle can become a stepping stone for your goals.

Their wealth was born in pain

Kind people were often bullied in their childhood for their body features and physical disadvantages. This has often left them without friends and love, but they have overcome everything and left it in the past. Their kindness was born out of the cruelty they had to endure in their childhood. This is why they’re so kind and supportive – they know that saying a good word can help a person in need. They know how it is to be hurt and humiliated, and won’t allow the same to happen to the people they love.

They have survived the storm and help others not to drown

During the storm in their life, kind people decided to be strong and overcome every obstacle in their way. Every scar on their body is a reminder that every wound can heal. They got up on their feet whenever they fell, and won’t give up no matter what.

Everyone looks only for themselves in different situations nowadays, but those who know the face of pain always take care of those in need. Kind people will encourage you to overcome obstacles and will always give you a helping hand. They got where they are through a bumpy road, and have set an example to follow.


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