In Only 9 Months She Built a House With Her Own Hands! This Mother of 4 Has Made the Perfect Home! (VIDEO)

It’s hard to imagine a woman without any kind of construction experience building a 2-story 5-room house on her own, but Cara Brookins and her 4 children are living proof that it’s possible. Cara’s oldest son Drew helped her to make a blueprint and get the license, while her daughter Jedah took water from the neighborhood pond and mixed cement for the foundations. The other daughter made food for everyone during the process.

This is how Cara Brookins managed to build a 2-story house on her own without any experience in construction or engineering. She did it in only 9 months, and when inspectors came to check her house, they were amazed by Cara’s abilities! The home has a library, 3-car garage, 5 bedrooms and 2 floors. It is called the Inkwell Manor and is worth around $500 000.

See the pictures of the “manor” below and take a look at the video as well. Cara Brookins and her children are living proof that anything is possible!



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