If You Don’t Want Your Children To Be Poorly Educated, STOP Making These 5 Mistakes!

Children that throw tantrums and behave badly are becoming more and more common nowadays. They aren’t to blame, of course – the parents are guilty. Parents often make mistakes that allow their children to behave badly, and if this isn’t cut out on time, it may have a negative impact on the livers of your children.

This was recently confirmed by Emma Jenner, the host of TLC’s “Take Home Nanny” show. Jenner revealed 5 mistakes all parents make that should be immediately stopped. According to her, it’s vital to stop or avoid doing these mistakes, as it may make your children behave inappropriately. For best results, she suggests giving them less in life in order to challenge them. Here are the 5 mistakes you must stop making with your children:

       1.Being afraid of your children

If your child wants to drink milk from a different cup instead of their usual, parents often grant their wish as they fear the child will refuse to eat or drink. This is a common mistake we all make – your children shouldn’t boss you around – let them cry if they feel the need to, and go in another room if you don’t want to hear them. Whatever you do, never fulfill all their wishes, or you will give them a wrong impression.

       2.No, kids are not “like that”

This is another common mistake for many parents – don’t ever say “kids are like that” again! If you justify their bad behavior by using this phrase, you are encouraging them to continue their bad behavior. Children are much more capable than what parents expect, and this also goes for manners, everyday housework, generosity and self-control. Raise expectations for your children and you will make them behave properly.

       3.Don’t allow others to scold them

In the past, teachers could scold and even slap our children whenever they behaved inappropriately. They were our eyes and ears when our children were out of sight. However, nowadays this is impossible – if a teacher scolds a child there will be a suspension. If you need to scold your child, make sure it’s you, not others, as teachers won’t do anything to stop your children from behaving badly.

       4.Children first

Parents should care for their children and pay attention to their needs. However, nowadays they are going a step further by submitting to every one of their child’s wishes. You can’t give your children whatever they ask, and you shouldn’t fulfill all their request. If you let them get what they want, they will continue asking for more. This will cause numerous problems and let your children know that they’re in control.

       5.Take advantage of shortcuts

Parents today rely on a series of shortcuts to avoid making their children bored and allowing them to behave badly. They rely on tablets and smartphones while the children are waiting at the doctors or getting on a plane – this keeps them occupied for a while and spares you the pain of hearing them moan. However, you need to stop making this mistake – you must teach your children to be patient and make them learn how to have fun by themselves. They must also learn that food won’t be served whenever they want, and you should teach them how to do the dishes. This will allow them to be stronger and independent in the future.

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