Surely at some point, you have felt your house a bit heavy, does not make you stay at home, you feel a stagnant energy. The truth is that all of us have passed that. Because we know that, today we want to give you a series of tips to heal your house of all those negative energies and remove that black mantle.

Best of all is that with this you will be able to live in a cleaner and cleaner space, where the energies will flow in a positive way and where you and your family will be able to achieve any objective that is proposed as everything will be in order inside and out.

Well says the saying: “As it is in, it is outside”.

It has happened to you that when you feel good, you feel like fixing yourself, taking care of yourself and seeing you the best; well, the same thing happens with our houses, which is an extension of ourselves, like this our house, we feel ourselves.

And is that without doubt, the more crowded, messy and dirty our home is, more fatigue and lack of energy will feel since our home is just a reflection of ourselves. That’s why we want to teach you how to heal your house and raise those spirits and make it harmonious and more pleasant, look how you can do it.

You should know that if you are depressed, tired, apathetic or if you simply want to start with new things and improve moods, it is best to tidy up your house so that you can put an order in your life.

Knowing this, today I want to share the best keys to heal “a sick house” and attract all the positive energies to your life and your home. Renovating your home is creating a nice and functional, pleasant and of course a way to fix your life.


  1. Play with colors

The colors are excellent for breaking the routine. Use the range of colds for the bedrooms or rest area and the most energetic for areas where there is more movement, like the dining room or the living room.

  1. Get the electricity out of your room

You should avoid all electrical devices such as the computer, TV, mobiles, and anything that emits waves that alter your rest. Also, take the books out of the room. This is your resting area and you should be away from any hint of activity.

  1. Care for ventilation

Houses need to breathe. You need to ventilate your house every day even a little so that the air is renewed. Good odors increase your energy vibration and improve your mood. You can place candles, incense, essential oils, the best are natural products, no chemicals.

  1. Your resting area

Make your room a place that invites relaxation and reconnection. Locate a space where you can meditate, relax, read a book or just rest. Put a rocking chair, a lamp, a cushion and a blanket, make everything inspire relaxation and rest.

  1. Place objects that transmit good feelings

Forget about all the items that bring you bad memories, you can donate them or throw them away. Get rid of photos that give you emotions of sadness or melancholy, better put those that bring you good memories or just take them all away. Decorate with objects that transmit good feelings, only you know what motivates you.

  1. Minimalism

Less is more. Those houses that were always crowded, in addition to being outdated, also cause stress. It is best to have the essentials to live in it. If you have a very small house, have the necessary to make it look bigger.

  1. Make more light

Many times we have heard that light is life, energy, and food. Nobody likes a dark house. It is fundamental that your house has light to breathe life, however an excess of light can end up hurting your rest, everything should be in the right measure. If you like to always walk in the dark you must be careful, that can be a symptom of depression, observe.

  1. Maintain order and cleanliness

The dirt and the disorder generate chaos, dispersion, and fatigue. If your house is messy, messy or you feel crowded you have no choice but to practice detachment, throw, boot or donate everything that is no longer useful or you do not need. To take away what we do not need is to make room for new things and projects that are to come.

  1. Make your bed every day

Making the bed every day serves as a demonstration of when it begins and when your day ends. According to studies the people who make their bed regularly are much more productive.

  1. Have natural plants

Plants are synonymous with life and health. Place natural plants in your home. If your house is large or if you have a terrace or balcony you can put more plants and larger as well. For smaller places, the best are the smaller plants. Plants with rounded leaves soften the environment much more.

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