Fibromyalgia Makes Bras Difficult To Wear

Anyone suffering from chronic pain knows that there are many things that can flare it up, and people suffering from fibromyalgia have it the worst. These people are always in pain, even when they go to sleep, which can leave them without energy for the day. Even standing up and going to work is painful, and any intense physical activity is out of the question.

The same thing goes for the clothes you’re wearing – the looser they are, the better, and this includes the bra. No matter what type of bra you’re wearing, they will be difficult and painful to wear if you’re suffering from fibromyalgia. These women have a hard time finding the perfect bra – either it’s too soft or the wiring presses on painful spots (which, by the way, are all over the body). This is why it’s important to find the right bra if you’re suffering from fibromyalgia. Here’s a list of tips you should follow

No synthetics!

Synthetic materials are cheap and easily available, but they are not good for your skin. They don’t absorb moisture, and are especially painful for fibromyalgia sufferers. This is why you should stick to cotton or silk bras. They don’t contain synthetics and will allow your skin to breathe properly. If you don’t want to give up synthetic bras, at least go for the microfiber ones. They are designed to absorb moisture and will be more comfortable to wear.

No back closures

A bra that closes on the back will only flare up your pain. The joints suffer the most in fibromyalgia patients, so reaching behind to close your bra can be a very painful experience. This is why you need to look for front-closing bras – they are easier to deal with and won’t be so painful to close. These bras are also smoother in the back, which is also helpful for avoiding the pain.

Underwired bras

Some women like underwired bras while others don’t – they give great support to your breasts and are especially good for women with bigger breasts. However, some women find them uncomfortable as they can often stab you in the chest. This is especially bad for fibromyalgia sufferers as it can worsen the pain. Try a bra with and without underwires and you’ll see what’s best for you.

Pick the right size

You’d be surprised to learn how many women don’t know their bra size – some wear what feels right, but wearing an unfit bra can cause huge problems. If you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, small bras can cause a lot of pain, and wearing a fit bra will definitely reduce the pain. There are many online sites which can determine your right size, or you can just take a measure and pick the appropriate bra.

Visit a professional

If you want to find the right size bra, go to a store where you can be measured properly. However, you also need to be honest with them and tell them the main problem why you can’t find a bra. Let the professionals help you, and you might be surprised about your perfect bra size.


It’s crazy how much a disease can change your life – fibromyalgia is a painful experience which will prevent you from doing even the simplest things in life. Wearing a bra is one of those things, so try finding the right size and material that will make you feel comfortable.


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