Eliminate Stress For Parents And Children With this Japanese Technique of Happiness!

The amount of stress we’re dealing in today’s society is nearly impossible to bear. Stress affects everyone including children and is the source of many health problems. Luckily, there’s one Japanese technique of happiness that can eliminate stress and help you lead a healthy lifestyle. The technique is based on a acupressureand can relieve the stress in children and improve their overall wellbeing.

The stress parents deal with every day can pass on to their children and cause fatigue, anxiety and even depression. These problems are hard to get rid of and may have a detrimental effect on their health. Stress often manifests through headaches, rashes and stomachache in children, but everything can go away with the help of this Japanese technique.

Our hands have five fingers, with each of them representing a different emotion or health problem. Each finger corresponds to anxiety, apathy, lack of energy, etc. From a physical point of view, the fingers are related to the heart, bowel or bones, while from a psychological POV, they are related to sadness and feelings of doubts. The middle finger is related to anger, aggressiveness or fatigue, while the index finger is related to fear, muscular discomfort and bladder and kidney problems. The thumb is linked to concern and stress, as well as skin and stomach problems. Other fingers are linked to liver problems, menstrual cramps and migraines.

According to the Japanese technique, applying pressure on the fingers that correspond to certain health problems or emotions can relieve them. The technique is closely related to shiatsu or acupressure, and has been used in Japan for centuries. Here’s how to use it to eliminate stress:

  • Extend your hands and close your left hand, then wrap it with your right hand and press the fingers. Use pressure on the finger that corresponds to the health problem you’re facing – if you need to relieve stress, apply extra pressure on the thumb;
  • Keep the pressure steady for at least 30 seconds, then rest for another 30 and repeat the process again;
  • You can also apply pressure on the fingers with an open hand – it doesn’t necessarily need to be with a clenched fist. To do this, open your left hand, then press the phalanges of the open hand with your right forefinger and thumb for a couple of minutes.

The procedure can be used whenever you want and as many times as you want during the day. Try it yourself or on your children, and you will easily eliminate stress and prevent further health problems.

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