Most Effective Way Of Reducing High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes Without Medication

High blood pressure or hypertension is also known as silent killer.

This is very common appearance, still without obvious symptoms. The most known reasons for this issue are lack of sleep, obesity, stress, salty food, smoking and over- consuming alcohol.

Beside prescribed medications, changing the habits can also contribute in dealing this problem.

Still, you can try this natural effective procedure of acupressure to control hypertension. Acupressure is known since ancient and can treat many health problems with help of the touch.

According to the doctor of the popular soccer club “Spartak” from Moscow, Lu Hun Sen, suggests two points that are the ones responsible for the blood pressure regulation, according to the Chinese medicine.

The massage of these points will prevent diseases and will stimulate the blood flow in the body.


Point 1 – 2  This is a line which stretches from behind the ear cartilage to the central part of the neckline bone. Simply gently touch this line with the tips of your fingers. Repeat the procedure 10 times on both sides.

Point 3  The line starts from the face, approximately in the height with the earlobe, about half inch away from your ear, and stretches towards your nose.

Using your fingertips, press both sides of this line for a minute. Remember to press gently, in order to just feel the pressure.

If done properly and regularly, this treatment will effectively help you in the case of high blood pressure, and get back to normal quickly!

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