Could Marriage Make You Live LONGER? Being Wed May Hold the Key to Healthy Heart

According to recent research, there’s one unusual thing that could be the thing to a healthy and long life – marriage. Scientists from the Aston Medical School in the UK have been monitoring millions of people around the world suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension for 13 years (2000-2013). The results showed that people with high cholesterol in the blood have 16% higher chances of living longer under one condition – being married.

People suffering from diabetes and hypertension had similar results, which makes marriage highly important for our heart health and longevity. Like us, scientists are surprised by the results as well and till aren’t sure how marriage helps us live longer, but they believe that the support by the partner may play a part. Married people are usually better at managing risk factors when backed up by their spouses, while single people don’t have the support they sometimes need. They shouldn’t worry though – although married people live longer, single people have closer relationships with their friends.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re safe from heart problems just because you’re married. The scientists involved in the study suggest eating a healthy diet and visiting your doctor regularly if you want to keep your heart healthy. The data from the study came from ACALM (Algorithm for Comorbidities, Associations, Length of stay and Mortality) study which examined more than a million patients in the UK. According to Paul Carter, the leader of the study, the research does suggest that marriage has a protective impact on the heart, which is probably due to the better management of the risk factors for heart disease. “The findings shouldn’t be seen as a reason to get married, but rather as encouragement for people to build strong support networks with their families and friends,” Dr. Carter said.

The research was based on a previous ACALM research which suggested that people that suffered a heart attack have bigger chances of survival if they are married. Doctors started the study in order to see how marriage helps us heart and health, and the results will be presented to the public soon.


Daily Express

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