This is What You Should do Quickly if You Choke on FISH Bone

The fish is very delicious, as it offers our omega 3 body, which is indispensable for good health.

But you must be very careful when eating fish, you must chew with a lot of patience because if you do not do it you can swallow a bone and then have problems. Unfortunately, to many people, this unfortunate fact happens and they do not know how to react, that is why in this article we will let you know what you can do when you choke on a thorn.

They will help you save a person’s life, so read very carefully and you will know what you can do from now on when this happens.

What You Should Immediately Eat When A Fish Bone Gets Stuck In Your Throat

This you should do if you choke on a fish bone

In addition to the fact that the fishbone causes pain and discomfort, the tissues around it may become inflamed. Swelling may also appear over time, which would hinder the search for bone and cause suffocation, especially in children. Therefore, it is best to remove the spine from the throat as soon as possible.

What You Should Immediately Eat When A Fish Bone Gets Stuck In Your Throat


This will be your first impulse, and you are not wrong. You will have to cough very hard to get the spine out, but it is better to leave where you entered to damage the entire throat.


A basin of warm water with plenty of salt will help you to swallow and the spine to become part of your body causing as little damage as possible.

Drink olive oil

What You Should Immediately Eat When A Fish Bone Gets Stuck In Your Throat

The olive oil will act as a lubricant and help the spine to slide.

A little squeeze of vinegar

Vinegar dissolved in water sounds disgusting, but it could help dissolve the bone that threatens your life.

Eat a marshmallow

You should eat a marshmallow large enough so that you can swallow it without having to chew and swallow it. The cloud will catch the thorn and will get to your stomach without causing harm.

If you do not have a marshmallow bag on hand, you can always turn to breadcrumbs that are just as effective. Even a piece of banana can have the same effect.

Visit a doctor

If you have trouble breathing and none of the above methods work, call the emergency service. You do not want to die with your stomach full of banana, oil, vinegar and a cloud, right?

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