Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Remedies to Alleviate Pain

The carpal tunnel is a narrow channel found in the wrists in which the media nerve lies. Due to the narrowness of the channel, there are multiple causes that can damage the nerve. Pressure on the nerve may cause hypersensitivity which can affect the movement of your hands, and is usually accompanied by pain and weakness in the wrist. This is a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome that can occur in anyone regardless of age.

Today we’re going to show you how to treat the condition with natural remedies and without the need for surgery. The carpal tunnel pain can sometimes be unbearable and may completely disable the affected hand.

Here are the main symptoms of the syndrome:

  • Loss of mobility in the wrist;
  • Tingling in the hands;
  • Numbness in the fingers;
  • Weakness in the hand and loss of finger movement;
  • Night cramps;
  • Pain that starts in the wrist and continues in the elbow;
  • A reduced sense of touch.

The carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in men than women and generally occurs in people between 30 and 60. Some people are born with a narrower tunnel than usual, which significantly increases the risk of the syndrome. Using tools that vibrate (jackhammer), repeated fractures, hypothyroidism, arthritis, cysts and tumors, obesity, fluid retention and amyloidosis all increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of computers is not related to the syndrome. The trigger of the condition is unknown in most cases, and the treatments available only treat the pain and discomfort. Luckily for you, we have a few natural remedies that can reduce the pain and swelling and treat the disease in time before it damages the nerve permanently.

St. John’s Wort

Put 3 leaves of St. John’s Wort in a cup of boiling water, then simmer the mixture for 10 minutes and leave it to cool down before straining it. Drink the tea every day to relieve the pain.

Flax oil

Consume a tablespoons of flaxseed oil every day for 4 weeks to treat the condition naturally.

Ginger, eucalyptus and mint tonic

To prepare this tonic, mix 5 eucalyptus leaves, 5 mint leaves and a small piece of ginger root. Crush the leaves first and add them to a cup of water, then add 2 tablespoons of grated ginger and mix well. Add more water if the consistency is too runny, and put the mixture in the fridge. Apply some of it on the painful area every day and leave it to act for 30 minutes.

Cypress and rosemary oil

Add 2 rosemary figs in 300 ml. of water, then cook the mixture until it boils (usually you’ll need about 10 minutes). Now, remove the tea from the heat and put it in the fridge to cool down. Massage the cypress oil on the sore joint and painful area to naturally relieve the inflammation, then apply a cold rosemary tea compress to relieve the pain further.


Fenugreek contains numerous compounds that are beneficial for our health such as vitamin B3, flavonoids and niacin. It can prevent infections and treat inflammatory conditions. Mix some fenugreek flower with water to create a thick paste, then apply it on the painful area to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Arnica oil

Apply some arnica oil on the painful spot on the inner wrist and massage slowly until you reach the palm. Repeat the process every morning and evening to easily get rid of the pain.

Anti-inflammatory smoothie

Mix grapefruit, orange and pineapple juice in blender, then drink a glass of it every 3 days to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tips for prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome

Use a wrist splint on your hand overnight if the pain is mild, or throughout the day if the pain is intense. Putting cold compresses on the area can relieve the inflammation successfully. To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, eat more potatoes, bananas, chicken breast, brown rice and leafy green vegetables.

Make sure you keep your hands in the proper position – they should be extended and relaxed when you’re lying down. When you’re using the computer, the keyboard should be at the height of the elbows. When you’re unscrewing something, make sure to use the whole hand, not 2-3 fingers.

Add some pineapple and turmeric in your diet in order to prevent inflammation and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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