Burning Incense In Your Home: Why it’s Important For You And Your Family!

Orthodox Christians believe that burning incense at home will eliminate any negativity. Incense is used during mass and prayers, as well as during baptism.

Burning incense is an ancient Christian ritual of cleansing areas from spirits and everything unclean. It can also eliminate negative energies which can enter your home for different reasons. Since the dawn of time, myrrh and frankincense essential oils have been used in numerous religious ceremonies. Myrrh was even used by Christ himself which he got as a gift from the Three Kings on the day of his birth. Burning frankincense releases white smoke and is used to remove unclean energies in homes.

The white smoke is in contrast to black smoke which is released from burning different things for unclean magical purposes. According to church beliefs, incense can bring prosperity, which is why it’s used in the home. In the book of the prophet Malachy, it is written that we should offer a clean offering to God until sunset. The clean offering is a well-known Eucharist in Christianity, which usually came in the form of burning incense.

When the act is performed by a priest in the home of a believer or in the church, he uses the smoke of the incense on icons and other religious relics, but also on the believers themselves. Those who aren’t present are mentioned in the prayer. Burning incense during this ceremony allows the patrons to see the light of God.

In the Church, burning frankincense lifts the minds and heart of the believers to the sky. The cresset should stand before an icon and is lit on every feast day as well as Sunday. Some people, however, leave the cresset to burn always. The cresset and the flame represent the light of Christ or the light of life of the saint depicted on the icon behind the cresset. It also reminds the patrons to live a clean and holy life. People who burn incense in a cresset in their home know how it can improve the atmosphere, especially during a feast day.

How to burn incense in your home

Put a bit of charcoal in a thurible, then light it and add a few bits of frankincense over it. Light everything with a match and start the prayer when the thurible burns. It should be held in the right hand and moved in the form of a cross. Let the smoke roll over the patrons, and after the ceremony, leave the thurible in a special place in your home. The charcoal and frankincense symbolize love towards the faith and the warmth of the patrons’ souls, while the scent symbolizes the blessing of the Holy Spirit.


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