When your body ASKS for HELP – 10 IMPORTANT SIGNS that YOU CAN’T IGNORE!

When there’s something wrong in your body, it sends certain signals that you should never ignore. If you ignore the distress calls of your body, it may result in more serious problems that can cause irreparable damage to your organs. How many people you know that went to the doctor “too late”? This is exactly what you want to avoid, so take a look at the 10 warning signs of your body you shouldn’t ignore.

  1. Dry skin

Although it can be caused by harsh weather conditions, dry skin can also be caused by vitamin E deficiency. If this is the case, you need to consume cold-pressed olive oil, sunflower oil, fish, spinach and pasture-raised eggs.

  1. Hair loss and brittle nails

These are often symptoms of vitamin B, vitamin D or calcium deficiency. In order to increase the levels of these nutrients, consume more broccoli, yogurt, brewer’s yeast, sesame and grains, and make sure to get plenty of sun every day.

  1. Sugar cravings

Many people are having frequent sugar cravings, and it’s all due to exhausted nervous system and a lack of energy. When the craving strikes, take honey or dark chocolate instead of unhealthy candy bars.

  1. Intense salty food cravings

If you’re cravings salty foods, you may be having some kind of problem with your liver or gallbladder. Consume some lemon juice to treat the problem.

  1. Seafood cravings

Seafood cravings are a sign of iodine deficiency and can be resolved by consuming sardines, cod, seaweed and seafood.

  1. Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are a sign of lack of vitamin C. To increase the levels of the vitamin, consume citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, cherries or papaya.

  1. Salty food cravings

If you are suddenly struck with a desire for salty foods, it may be caused by inflammation or infections in the genital or urinary tract system.

  1. Irritability

This is a symptom of potassium or magnesium deficiency. To resolve it, eat more walnuts, spinach, linseed, almonds, sunflower seeds and collard greens.

  1. Dry elbows

Dry skin on the elbows appears as a result of vitamin A and C deficiency. Eat more pumpkin, carrots, orange and lemons to increase the intake of these vitamins in your body.

  1. Raw food cravings

If you’re having raw food cravings, it’s a sign of an acidic body. To reduce the acidity and regulate the pH balance, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

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