Biodecoding – A Way To Treat Any Disease

Biodecoding is a form of alternative medicine which tries to find the metaphysical origin of a disease as well as its emotional meaning. According to it, the body and mind are closely related so it’s not possible to cure a condition without involving emotions. Every disease has an emotional origin and is caused by a feeling that manifests itself on the physical plane. Once you find the underlying emotional problem, you will be able to resolve the physical problem as well. Here’s what biodecoding says about numerous diseases:

Juvenile acne

Juvenile acne occur as a result of the attraction and fear to the instinct of sexuality that is waking up in teenagers.


Addiction hides an empty existential feeling, lack of love, or feeling disconnected from society. It masks a deep suffering and wounded soul and mind.

Skin problems

Skin problems are associated with feelings of fear, anguish and nervous problems. Skin rashes often come as a result of broken relationships and stress.

Lung problems

Pulmonary conditions are related to problems in relationships or with the environment. Our breath connects us with the environment and others and keeps us alive, and not being able to breathe shows a deep grief and a feeling of not being worth to be alive.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s shows a refusal to live life, hopelessness and desperation.


This disease is caused by repressed emotions such as anger and fear and lack of creativity.


Anemia is related to a lack of joy and the lack of assessment as well.

Anorexia nervosa

This condition is associated with fear of proximity, heat and sex, as well as a self-centered undercover and a cry for attention.


People suffering from arthritis tend to be critical of themselves and others. They have a tendency of looking at everything in a negative way.


Asthma is caused by relationship problems and fear.


This disease is caused by conflicts with the environment, as well as lack of communication, silence, fights and screams.


Gallstones are related to bitterness and repressed aggressiveness.


Cancer occurs as a result of keeping an old resentment and emotional problems deep down in your soul.

Heart disease

Heart disease affects people closed to love and intimacy. Don’t forget to always listen to your heart.


Cataract affects people that don’t feel joy.


Sciatica represents a fear of the future and insecurity.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS shows insecurity and a fear of relaxation.


The infection is related to feelings of anger and frustration.

Depression and anxiety

Both conditions show hopelessness and aggressiveness towards oneself. They are also related to guilt and low self-esteem.

Throat pain

Along with the hoarseness and laryngitis, throat pain shows an impulse to talk, but also an inability and fear to do so.


Headaches are related to guilt.

Blood diseases

These diseases affect people with large family conflicts.

Multiple sclerosis

MS shows mental rigidity, inflexibility and a closed heart.


This digestive problem signifies fear of release and stinginess.

Kidney problems

Kidney problems are related to problems with coexistence in relationships.

Cysts and fibroids

These problems are related to emotional resentment and a feeling of being injured.

Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is related to a feeling of being a victim.

Flu, colds

Both conditions are associated with angry situations that cause mental conflict and disgust.


Hemorrhoids are related to rage and feat.

Hepatitis and liver problems

Liver problems are related to anger, wrath, indignation and repressed emotions.

Genital herpes

This type of herpes is related to guilt and sexual guilt.

Herpes labialis

This herpes is related to anger, disgust and fear of expression.


Diabetes patients may suffer from love problems. Lack of it can be “filled” by consuming too much sugar.

High blood pressure

This disease is related to people who run from conflict.


Low sugar levels occur when people are fed up with life.


Hypotension shows evasion of conflict and lack of spirit or value.


Jaundice is related to prejudice and unbalanced way of thinking.


Infections occur in angry and irritated people.


Inflammation is related to anger and fear.


Insomnia is associated with guilt, fear and negative thoughts in general.


Gasses are related to fear of the new and undigested ideas.


Migraines can be caused by constipation, stress, intolerance and food allergies, sexual dissatisfaction and a general resistance to the flow of life.


This disease is related to unreceived appreciation and love.


A sty appears if you watch the world with angry eyes.


This type of inflammation is related to the inability to make decisions.

Stomach problems

The inability to digest is caused by fear of the future.

Back pain

Back pain represents a feeling of lack of support in your life. The constant pressure is too much for anyone. Upper back pain may also be caused by lack of emotional support, while lower back pain can mean material instability.

Bladder problems

These problems manifest as a result of stress.

Thyroid problems

Thyroid problems affect people who can never do what they want and feel humiliated. Hypothyroidism is cause by despair, while hyperthyroidism is caused by being angry for being left out.

Menopausal problems

These problems affect people who are afraid of growing old.

Joint problems

Joint problems represent a difficulty to accept changes in life.

Pruritus, irritation

Bot occurs due to sexuality problems and aggressiveness.


Psoriasis is related to the fear of being injured.


Pneumonia affects emotionally injured people, as well as people who are angry and tired of life.

Teeth grinding

Bruxism is caused by unconscious aggression.


The disease occurs in people who feel victimized.


AIDS represents a dissociation between love and sexuality.

Being overweight

This problem is caused by fear and vulnerability. The lack of emotion and sex is being compensated with food. The problem can also be caused by negative thoughts and failure.


Torticollis is caused by inflexibility.

Persistent cough

This problem is caused by a desire to be heard.

Menstrual disorders

Menstrual disorders occur as a result of rejection of femininity, guilt and fear. Heavy periods are caused by too much stress.


Vertigo affects people who don’t want to see what’s before their eyes.


Accidents affect people who rebel against authority.

To treat and prevent numerous diseases, you must always listen to your body and follow your emotions. Achieving harmony and balance within your body will make you feel better and prevent any disease.

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