Artemisia Annua: 1000 Times More Effective at Treating Cancer Than Chemotherapy!

According to the Washington University, sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua) is 1000 times better in treating cancer that chemotherapy. The herb has shown it can destroy cancer cells after just one treatment, and is also cytotoxic, meaning that it only affects the cancer cells. This is bad news for the cancer industry which is trying to keep the truth about natural treatments against cancer from the public, as it will surely hurt their profits.

According to one study, sweet wormwood can destroy up to 12 000 cancer cells without touching the healthy ones. The herb belongs to the same family of grass plants such as anise and is very popular in Europe. It has a greenish color and is an annual short-day plant.

The active ingredient in the plant is artemisinin, which is responsible for the herb’s anti-cancer properties. Sweet wormwood has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for hundreds of years for everything from preventing the spread of parasites to reinforcing the immune system. The herb also contains flavonoids, quercetin, beta-pinene and limonene which have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Sweet wormwood is also a great source of saturated fat, camphor, myrcene, palmitic acid as well as luteolin.

Studies at the University of Washington showed that the plant can treat cancer!

Although many international studies have been unable to locate the compound in sweet wormwood that kills cancer cells, a study conducted at the University of Washington finally got a breakthrough. The combination of artemisinin and iron in the herb is nearly 1000 times more effective than chemotherapy, and is also cytotoxic, meaning that it won’t harm your healthy cells. The compound is effective against different types of cancer, but mostly against breast cancer cells.

According to Dr. Henry Lai, the head of the study, a combination of wormwood and iron acts as a “Trojan horse” for the cancer cells and induces apoptosis in them. Cancer cells can’t store iron as normal cells do, which eventually causes them to self-destruct. Dr. Lai and his team have managed to perform the process naturally by injecting artemisinin and iron directly into breast and prostate cancer cells. The results of the study have left many experts shocked. Another study by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute from 2015 on the effects of artemisinin on cancer came to the same conclusion. “Artemisinin reacts with iron, forming free radicals that cause cell death.  Increased absorption of iron in the cancer cells susceptible leaves them in front of the free radicals created by artemisinin,” it was written in the study. According to one report, the compound managed to kill cancer cells in only 16 hours.

“There are several drugs currently available are used in the treatment of various types of cancer,” says Lai, “but, this substance is based on a specific feature of cancer cells, their high content of iron.” Breast cancer cells have been known to contain up to 15 times more iron receptors, which is one of the prerequisites for the treatment. However, most of the medical community is still debating about the efficiency of the herb. Some experts say that although beneficial against cancer, the artemisinin extract can also have a negative effect on estrogen receptors.

According to the Worcester study report, artemisinin manages to make the lipase nanoparticles water soluble. The lower the pH levels, the better the environment for breast cancer cells. The results of this study may change the way we think about cancer treatment, and shows that there are better solutions than chemotherapy. The Washington University study was based on previous studies of one Chinese chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015 for his research on improving techniques of extracting artemisinin in recurrent diseases such as malaria.

The interesting findings of the Washington University provide strong evidence on the efficiency of natural treatments against cancer. The combination of herbs with iron has shown great potential against the spread of cancer, and sweet wormwood now emerges as one of the best natural remedies against the deadly disease. Under the specific guidance of trained holistic practitioners, a combination of artemisinin and iron can indeed kill cancer cells in just a short time.


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