Today we’re going to talk about Ginseng, a special Chinese root that offers numerous health benefits. Ginseng is an ancient natural remedy for many diseases and is recognized for its powers worldwide. The root can be found in supplement form in pharmacies and health food stores as well as online. However, you must be careful when buying it, as there are many fake supplements that have no nutritional value.

Here are the main health benefits of Ginseng root:

  • A powerful anti-inflammatory agent;
  • Boosts blood circulation;
  • Protects the arteries from damage;
  • Improves memory and prevents blood loss;
  • Dissolves blood clots;
  • Stimulates the function of the brain and prevents numerous cognitive problems;
  • Replenishes the levels of vitamin B1, B2, E and C in the body, as well as the levels of calcium, manganese and iron.

Drinking Ginseng tea is an ancient way of improving focus and mood – it can significantly reduce stress and anxiety and is often used to treat depression. The root is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, but according to newest studies, it may also fight male impotence.

According to one Korean study that examined more than 100 men diagnosed with impotence, the Ginseng root extract can significantly reduce erectile dysfunction in only a couple of weeks. The study was conducted by scientists from the Yonsei University School of Medicine in South Korea, where 119 volunteers with moderate erectile dysfunction were divided into two groups who were given either 4 tablets of ginger extract a day or a placebo.

8 weeks in the study, the first results were noticeable – the ginseng group showed significant improvement in all aspects of their sexual function, which clearly shows that the extract works great and is a great remedy for improving your sex life.

According to experts, the recommended dose of ginger extract is 120 mg. per day (3 times x 40 mg.). You shouldn’t go over this dose, however; high doses of Ginseng have been known to lead to hyperactivity and insomnia, and may also have other adverse side-effects.

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