ALERT: First Case of the “Zombie” bacteria in Mexico. In Russia, it already Killed Thousands

Have you heard the latest news? Yes, this is really shocking! This is the first case of this deadly bacteria in Mexico, but in Russia, it already killed thousands! Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this shocking disease! As we said, there has been an outbreak of a ‘zombie’ disease in the Siberian wilderness! It has infected dozens of people and thousands of reindeer. The spores of this disease are nearly always fatal.

Here comes the million-dollar question – what’s its name? Its name is Anthrax. In Russia, there is a record of 56 people dead and more than 200 infected. And, unfortunately, in Mexico, 25 people dead and 75 are infected. Fortunately, there’s a vaccine to prevent this infection. The Government will conduct a massive campaign to vaccinate all citizens and prevent any further infection.

Now, I would like to say a few words about this bacteria – invisible, odorless and tasteless, anthrax creates flu-like symptoms making it difficult to diagnose. But they quickly become far more serious and can lead to shock, massive swelling of lymph nodes and bleeding in the brain. Once the toxins reach a critical mass, death is inevitable. Infected spores have been used as a weapon in the past by bioterrorists.

You should also know that this dangerous bacteriumproduces spores that animals ingest from the soil. Humans exposed to infected creatures or tissues, such as wool or fur, are at risk of getting the disease — either through cuts in the skin, from breathing in spores when handling hides, wool or drum skins or from eating contaminated meat. The latter is nearly always lethal, and the most common cause of human death from the disease in the U.S, occurring in impoverished regions where people are desperate for food. It’s likely how it spread to humans from reindeer in the Russia outbreak. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!


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