8 Vegetables You Only Need to Buy Once

The vegetables we’re presenting today can be eaten and grown again to give you infinite supply of food! Nowadays, food consumption is getting increasingly more expensive, which is why many countries are turning to natural alternatives that can be easily grown. Many people think that growing food requires a large garden, but this is not always the case. You can grow a few things in your backyard easily to have a steady supply of food that will never rot. Here are 8 vegetables you only need to buy once:


Put the base of the chives in water, but make sure they’re not submerged completely. Change the water every day, and you will see the vegetable growing in just 2-3 days. Harvest them when they’re well developed (30 cm.) and cut what you need without digging the plant up.

Celery, cabbage and romaine lettuce

Submerge the roots of these vegetables in water and leave the upper part exposed. Drizzle them with water a couple of times a week and change the water occasionally. Once the leaves begin to grow, plant the vegetable in soil and it should be ready for harvest in about 5 months.


Soak a piece of ginger in water overnight, then plant it in moist soil. Continue watering it often until you see the first buds. The ginger should be ready to harvest in a year. Once it’s done, remove the whole plant, take what you need and repeat the process again.


Plant the base of the vegetable in soil and keep the soil moist. Once the onions develop, take them out separately and plant them one by one. Cut the leaves occasionally to promote new growth. The vegetable may take 5 months to be mature enough for harvesting.


Put a clove in damp soil near a window with sunlight, and keep it moist every day. The bulbs should be ready for harvest when the underside of a third of the leaves is yellow.


Mushrooms should be planted in a mixture of soil and compost. Plant the stems of the vegetable in soil and follow the process closely – if it works, they should grow pretty fast. Harvest the mushrooms when done and repeat the process as much as you like.


Cut a potato in half and leave the pieces to dry at room temperature for about 2 days. Now, plant the pieces in soil and add more soil as the plant grows. It should be ready for harvest when it reaches 15 cm. in height. Keep the potatoes in a warm and dry place for 2 weeks before use to make them sweeter.

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