5 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Your Period

Ladies, how are you today? Well, in this article we’re going to show you 5 things you shouldn’t do during your period! Yes, the experts say that there are things that you should never do while you have your period and things that you never thought you could do. And to be honest with you, every week, new information and studies are coming out with the latest news about women and their menstrual cycle. So, we can easily say that just one fact remains constant – we are still learning new things about our bodies and the mysteries of our period.

Well yes, and many different studies on menstruating women have revealed a number of interesting facts. Did you know that the experts say that it is quite normal for us to be in the mood for loving while we are bleeding? How this works – well, the experts say that this is because the hormone that lowers the libido, progesterone, is at an all-time low while we are bleeding. Women also have a harder time concentrating when taking a test while on our period. According to the latest statistics, the average woman in the United States menstruates about 450 times in her lifetime. This is a huge increase from the 50 periods our prehistoric ancestors experienced, or the roughly 150 periods experienced by modern women in agricultural societies outside of the U.S.

During your period there are some things you should refrain from doing. During this time of the month, there are some women who are blessed with an easy period and there are some who go through hell. When you are in pain there is a lot of discomfort in the body. Along with this, women feel crazy due to the hormonal changes which take place in the body. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from doing certain things when you are having your periods for your sake and also for the others who come in contact with you. How stressaffectsyourperiod – women who undergo so much of pressure during their periods also do the craziest of things which one would find no plausible explanation.

Note: you will also feel weak and tired when on a period, therefore we give you a list of 5 things you may think is silly, you shouldn’t do when on a period, or even better avoid during the 8 days.

  1. Stay Away from Physical Work

If you are witnessing back or stomach pain during periods, it is best to avoid doing any physical work as it will only make your pain worse. Yes, you should avoid lifting heavy things, you should skip the gym and avoid other types of physical work! Just relax and watch your favorite TV show!

  1. Change Frequently

Ladies, you should also know that it’s extremely important for you to change your sanitary napkin every 3 hours. This will prevent any vaginal infections. This will prevent you from smelling bad. And you will feel much better!

  1. Never Skip Meals

Yes, the experts also say that it is extremely important for you to not skip meals when on a period. Remember you are losing a lot of blood during this time and food will only make you feel energetic. So, you should eat frequently, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water!

  1. Have Sex

And now, you probably ask yourself – how? Well, the experts say that having sex can aggravate the symptoms of menstruation. It can cause dizziness and physical weakness, also make the blood flow higher than normal. So, you should avoid sex during your period!

  1. Eat Fast Food

Well, a burger from Burger King might seem like a good idea, but your stomach will be signing a different tune after you’ve scarfed down that Whopper and greasy fries. Treat yourself by all means. We know you deserve it. Just don’t go overboard and consume unhealthy meals you normally wouldn’t.

So, ladies, there you have it! As we mentioned before, you shouldn’t do these things when on a period, or even better avoid during the 8 days. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You and take care!

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