These 4 Essential Oils Will Help You Sleep Better At Night

Aromatic essences, better known as essential oils, have many virtues and can be added to creams, perfumes, ointments, bath oils, etc. Natural Healing Magazine invites you to discover how essential oils can improve the quality of your sleep.

1 – The essential oil of clary sage:

The latter, used in perfumery and aromatherapy, can help restore calm and even fall asleep. Its diffusion is however disadvised to any person wishing to lead or to work then, so much its sedative action is strong.

2 – The essential oil of lavender:

It can be broadcast in a room to calm the nervousness and soothe the agitation. In case of migraine, a massage on the temples with pure essential oil will relieve pain and promote sleep.

3 – The essential oil of chamomile:

Its soothing and pre-anesthetic properties will help people with insomnia to ease their stress. Chamomile is recommended in cases of depression and nerve attacks.

4 – The essential oil of basil:

The essential oil of basil is indicated in the treatment of anxieties or nerve insomnia. To relieve sleep problems, essential oil of basil can, like lavender and chamomile, be used in diffusion in a room but also in massage, diluted in a vegetable oil. The message will also calm muscular or digestive spasms as well as anxiety.

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